84% of the world’s energy consumption comes from fossil fuels. The problem, however, is that they’re not the best for the environment.

Not only do they release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air—a major driving force for climate change—but they also contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain.


Fortunately, there are alternative sources of energy—solar power being one of them.

Interested in making the switch? Looking for some reasons to go solar? If so, you’re at the right place.

We’ll be going over some benefits of solar power below. Keep reading to learn more!

1. It’ll Increase the Value of Your Home 

Installing a solar panel system will significantly boost your home’s value. Studies have shown that it can increase property value by as much as $6,000 for every kilowatt of solar panels installed. This can potentially increase your home’s value by up to 4%.

At the end of the day, the total increase in value will depend on a few factors including the size of the solar panel system, your home’s location, and the existing market value of the property.

2. It’s Better For the Environment 

Solar energy is a clean, sustainable source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels, it won’t produce any greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, or methane, all of which contribute to climate change. This will reduce our carbon footprint, which will help reverse global warming.

That’s not all—there will be less air pollution as well. For one thing, it won’t contribute to acid rain, which can lead to various respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis.

Not to mention that solar energy also uses less water (photovoltaic cells in the panels don’t require water to generate electricity).

3. It’ll Save You Money

Solar installation will allow you to save on electricity costs. Instead of having to pay for energy, you’ll be able to generate your own from the sun.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a payback period of around 8-10 years, which is the amount of time that it’ll take for you to earn back your initial investment. From there, the savings will eventually offset the upfront costs of going solar.

Generally speaking, the higher your electricity bills are, the shorter the payback period will be.

And for those who are wondering, you’re looking at around $12,000 to $17,000 for installation. Depending on where you live, however, you may be able to lower the costs with rebates and tax incentives.

Reasons Why You Should Go Solar 

As you can see, there are many reasons to go solar. Not only will it boost your property value, but it’ll also save you money in the long run. On top of that, it’s much better for the environment!

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