Whether or not guys should wear necklaces seems to have become an age-old question that is often debated through the generations.

But with a quality cuban link chain, that debate literally gets thrown out the door. And that is because wearing this accessory is an absolute must this fall.

Men are drawn to wearing necklaces for all sorts of reasons, and very similar to that of women. A quality necklace allows them to dabble in some luxury, splurge on themselves and enhance a standard ensemble of clothes and make it unique and fit their personality.

While men likely change their t-shirt every single day, they will want to wear their favorite chain every single day this fall. It is one of those timeless pieces that can stick with them throughout the days, months and even years.

That is why we are here to share everything there is to know about Cuban link chains and why you can’t go through this season without you or your man wearing one proudly around his neck.

1. The ancestry of the design comes from Egypt

While it is referred to as a Cuban link chain, the origins of the basic design of a gold chain for date back all the way to the ancient Egyptian days, were wearing gold chains of this sort of design and color helped keep them protected and establish a sense of importance amongst society. Others believed it would bring them good luck, show off their strength and establish dominance.

2. It is also known as Miami jewelry

This makes sense, as Cuba and Miami are basically next-door neighbors and the cultures, styles and fashion often intermix with one another. Whether you call it Miami jewelery or a Cuban link chain, the design itself is consistently the same—a thick gold chain that is intertwined and locked in with a series of links.

3. The jewelry piece has become synonymous with the hip-hop world

Rappers specifically have particularly taken to Cuban link chains. The accessory is often one of the key fashion statements that they wear in music videos and are worn to attract attraction. In fact, the rise in popularity of this jewelry piece is directly linked (no pun intended) with the rise of the hip-hop era and the bold personalities who launched this trend. One of the first to make wearing Cuban link chains cool was DJ Kool Herc, who was never seen at block parties in New York City without one.

4. A timeless piece through the eras

While the personalities who are associated with continuing to make wearing a Cuban chain link have evolved, the status it represents has not changed. Regardless of who the next trending rapper of hip hop artist is, a Cuban link chain continually remains as a staple piece to their fashion. In fact, this jewelry item is not just for elite celebrities. It is a jewelery piece that the average person can also wear proudly every day.

5. Nothing but gold

It is not surprising that because the Cuban link chain represents wealth and status that the material used to make the jewelery itself is actual gold. In fact, the very best jewelry providers ensure that nothing but gold is used, meaning that they use quality material over cheap material. If you are wanting to get the very best Cuban link chain out there, then getting one that is either gold-bonded with 925 sterling silver coated three times or more in 14 karat gold or is an actual 14 karat gold chain.

6. The best come directly out of Italy

While the name may insinuate that it comes from Cuba, the very best Cuban link chains are sourced and crafted in Italy. That is because this country is renowned for producing the highest quality jewelery in the world and the jewelery makers there are absolutely devoted to their craft.

7. Forget sweater weather, choose chain weather

While the fall season has become associated with “sweater weather”, we are here to state that it should in fact be “chain” weather. That is because the fall fashion style is made even better with a gold Cuban link chain to make the outfit truly shine.

The Cuba link chain is one of the absolute best items to discover this fall. After spending so much time the last two years cooped up in the house and in sweatpants, it is time to put on your best shirt, pants and top it off with this timeless jewelry piece. You will leave the house shining brighter than all the fall leaves and feel confident all season long.