It doesn’t matter if you are taking an extended around the world trip or traveling to the next state for a couple of days, always remember to take your sense of style with you. Although this is easier said than done when you’re on the road, there are a few ways you can maintain your appearance during your journey. Here are a few top tips to help you look effortlessly stylish while you are on the go.

Preparing Yourself For the Journey Ahead

Being prepared is key to looking good. A travel-ready mindset can help you stress less, which in turn will help you look your best. Write a list of things you need to pack and do, and preparations you can make in advance. This can include booking return flights and hotels, and making reservations for museums and other sites you know you want to visit during your trip. By having all of this down, you can clear your mind of anxiety and have room to think about the outfits you will pack.

Match Your Outfits to Your Itinerary

Drawing up an itinerary can help you make the most of your time away, and help you plan your outfits better too. A simple schedule will give you an idea of the type of clothing you will need for the activities you plan to do, and it can help you choose the perfect ensemble for each day. It can also prevent you from wasting valuable space by packing unnecessary garments.

Pack Classic Pieces

Pick classic items of clothing that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, a comfy pair of jeans are great for sightseeing but can also be jazzed up with a pair of heels and a nice blouse. Other travel-friendly clothes include garments that are made out of natural fibers, like cotton, and minimalist pieces such as classic, plain tees. By packing these types of items, you will remain comfortable while you travel, and you will also be able to easily mix and match your clothes.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Accessories can pull an outfit together, so you need to make sure you pack the most suitable ones for your trip. Small pieces of jewelry are easy to pack and can add a touch of glam to an evening outfit, while silk scarves and versatile belts can make an outfit pop. This cool cord belt from Lizard Tail Belts is easy to adjust and can be incorporated into different types of outfits easily. While a pair of sunglasses can make an outfit and hide those bags under your eyes at the same time.

Roll, Don’t Fold

A tried and tested method many travelers live by is the technique of rolling up clothes instead of folding them. Rolling clothes reduces the appearance of wrinkles and stops creases from setting into the fabric. It also gives you more space in your suitcase to fill with other stylish pieces.