Did you know that less than 65% of people in the United States understand what climate change is and the impact it has on the planet?

Nearly half the country doesn’t understand climate change, which is playing a major role in weather patterns.

If you want to help your child understand what climate change is, there are ways to break it down to them.

Continue reading to discover how you can explain climate change for kids so that they can understand!


Help Them Understand What Climate Is 

The first step to explaining climate change for kids is to help them understand the difference between climate and weather.

Weather revolves around the current conditions of a location. An example of weather is rain, snow, and hurricanes that are hitting specific areas of the country. Climate describes weather conditions for particular regions, during certain times of the year. 

To help kids identify the difference, ask them about your local conditions during the summer and winter months. Ask them what is standard for those times of year in your area. 

Discuss Typical Patterns 

A kid’s definition of climate change can be described as a change in the typical conditions in a specific area over a long time. 

Talk to your kids about how steady sea levels, glaciers, and blooming times have been in the past. Then discuss how over the recent years, glaciers are melting at a quicker pace and shrinking. This contributes to rising sea levels and changes in blooming times for plants and flowers. 

Having kids understand that these changes took much longer in the past will help them understand what climate change is. 

Bring Up How Humans Play a Role 

Kids and climate change don’t seem to be a good pairing, but preparing people at a young age is necessary.

Since kids will be impacted most by climate change, you must tell them about how humans are increasing these conditions. Take time to describe the greenhouse effect and how humans are warming up the planet with technology and energy sources. 

Although the sun, planet, humans, animals, and plants all have a role in climate change, humans are making the most impact. 

Talk About Ways to Help the Planet

Climate change can be a scary topic for kids, which is why you should talk about ways to help the planet.

By going green and taking care of the world, even in little steps, climate change can be better managed. Many people recommend solar panel installation to help the planet because it is a cleaner form of energy. Don’t be afraid to bring up alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar power. 

Another way that you can teach kids about helping the planet is by cleaning up after themselves, using less energy, and less plastic. 

Explaining Climate Change for Kids 

Talking about climate change for kids can be an intimidating task if you don’t know how to break the information down.

To explain climate change, kids must first understand the difference between climate and weather. You can talk to them about how climate has been for most of history and discuss how humans have sped up changes. 

Since climate change is a healthy topic, you should also include details about how they can make a difference. By going green and taking care of the planet, climate change can be better managed. 

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