While many people may say that being a parent is probably the toughest job in the world, it can also be the most wonderful and amazing experience you could ever have. Imagine starting your own family, having your own kids, taking care of them, and watching them grow. From time to time, you create new memories with them—from the first time they say their first word to the first time they step into school.

And the thing about childhood is it can happen so fast, and your kids can grow up right before your eyes. One day you’re still spoon-feeding them, and the next thing you know, you’re sending them off to college. As cliché as this may sound, but when you’re in the moment of taking care of your kids, it’s sometimes easy to lose track of every special moment you spend with them.

Thankfully, preserving and treasuring baby memories is possible. When you have childhood keepsakes, it’ll be easier for you to tell stories once they’re adults. To help you preserve them, here are six creative ways to treasure baby memories as they grow up:

1. Framed Baby Handprint

One of the most unique and precious ways to treasure your baby’s memories is framing baby handprint and footprint. For this one, you need to put ink on your baby’s hand and foot and stomp them in a paper. If not ink, you can use a baby handprint keepsake kit to help you pull this off. Then, you can display it in the living room or bedroom. You now have a memory of how cute and tiny your baby’s hands and feet are, as well as be able to look back and compare their growth. 

2. A Memory Quilt 

You’ve probably bought your kids plenty of baby dresses, nap pants, and other baby clothes while they’re still infants. But eventually, they’d outgrow these clothes and they won’t be able to use any of them anymore. While some of you may opt to give them away, it’s sometimes difficult to part ways with these clothes as they hold precious memories. Thankfully, there’s one way you can keep them and reuse them.

Instead of dumping their baby clothes into the attic or giving them away, you can recreate them into a memory quilt. You can cut each baby clothing into smaller quarters then stitch them together into a patchwork quilt. Then, you can use it for yourself or your kids. If you’re not skillful at sewing or you simply don’t have time, you can find a professional to do it for you.” to “If you’re not skillful at sewing or you simply don’t have time, you can simply buy memory quilts.

3. Love Letters

Love letters aren’t only for romantic relationships. You can write letters to your children too. Each year or whenever you’re in the mood, write a letter for your child and talk about how fascinated you are with their lovable characteristics, achievements, and how proud you are to witness them grow.

You can also write down specific events and attach pictures that you like your child to know and remember once they’re old enough to read and understand your letters. Make sure not to forget stamping the date on when you wrote those letters. Once done, you can save these letters on your keepsake box. Or for convenience, you can keep them in your digital time capsule.

4. Photo Albums

Photo albums are among the best ways to treasure your baby’s memories. Take as many pictures as you can with your baby, especially during special events such as their first tooth, first crawl, first word, and so much more. You can preserve and immortalize these memories through pictures and print them so you can put them in a photo album. If you’re up for it, you can even use one photo album each year and pile them on a bookshelf. This way, when your baby is old enough, you can flip together on every album page and tell them stories about each memory.

5. Height Wall

Designate a particular wall in your home and use it to keep track of your baby’s height growth. This has been an old tradition by families in earlier years and is still used by many families and parents today. You can put a meter tall tape on the wall and use a sticker, a marker, or a small piece of paint to record their heights every year.

6. YouTube Channel 

One way to keep your baby’s videos is by uploading them to your private YouTube channel. You can record videos during your baby’s first walk or even those tiny precious moments such as hearing them laugh and giggle while you’re both cuddling in bed. You can record them during their bath time, birthday parties, and other moments which you’d love to rewatch again and again in the future.


You can capture your baby’s memories in so many ways. While it’s easier to record moments through your cameras, don’t let modernization hold you back from going traditional and being creative. You can utilize these creative ideas above to help you treasure and preserve your children’s and your family’s precious moments together.