During winter, fashionistas love to mix and match knee high boots in nz with stylish outfits. But, for those in New Zealand or wherever you might live, always keep in mind a relaxed but sophisticated look when it comes to styling. 

So, here’s a round-up of the different styles of how to wear knee-high boots

Classic Knee-High Boots

The most common knee-high boots to find today are very simple and classic. Leather or suede are the two most common designs that you can find. They are usually paired with straps, buckles, or a zipper. It also comes in different colours. However, most of the colours you’ll find are neutral. 

Thus, it would be best to pair the classic knee-high boots with jeans, skirts, trousers, or leggings to add a layer of style and distinct contrast to the entire outfit. 

Riding Knee High Boots

This type of knee-high boot is considered a classic. It’s a more popular riding boot in the United Kingdom. It has a rounded top edge that comes up to the knee. It also has a heel that can reach up to an inch which helps shorter women look taller. However, the heel’s purpose is to prevent the wearer from slipping. 

Usually, riding knee-high boots have two distinct colours, brown or black. It is not pretty hard for women to pair this type of knee-high boot with any outfit because of its simple yet stunning appeal. 

Like the classic knee-high boot, it also comes with straps, zippers, or buckles. It is worn anytime. It is best paired with jeans or trousers since this type of knee-high boot is usually worn outdoors. It makes these knee high boots perfect for the latter’s unspoiled outdoor terrain. 

Motorcycle Knee High Boots

It is the heavier type of knee-high boot because of its relatively thicker sole. It is usually designed with laces or zippers and adorned with stylish buckles. It is perfectly paired with shorts, dresses, or leggings to give a contrasting appeal with the rugged and bulky appearance of the boots. 

Also, it looks wonderful with skirts to give it a more feminine style for women. 

Dress Knee High Boots

This type of knee-high boots is a perfect pair for all occasions. It has a wedge-shaped design that has a wider heel. It comes with either suede, synthetic, or leather design and is usually adorned with artsy embellishments. 

Dress boots are mainly the top choice for women because they can be paired with different outfits, such as dresses, leggings, jeans, trousers, or skirts. 

Final Thoughts

Be sure to find a good pair of knee-high boot socks to wear, so that you can stay comfortable all day or evening.

Knee-high boots always look best when they are fitted well with an outfit. This post is just a guide for women to get ideas on what to wear when they go out wearing this popular and very stylish footwear. Remember these points when you don your stylish pair of knee high boots. You are bound to make heads turn with these styling tips!