One of the most exciting parts of the wedding preparation for every bride-to-be is going through wedding dress shopping. Nothing makes every future bride thrilled than trying out different dresses with their mothers or bridesmaids in various bridal shops. But nowadays, brides must be contented with buying wedding dresses online because of COVID-19 related restrictions. 

Some future brides are still uncomfortable with the idea of buying the most important dress that they will wear from online stores. But with the help of these tips, shopping for the best wedding dress in online stores will be simpler than expected. 

Tip #1: Know Your Exact Measurements 

Buying the right wedding dress or any other type of dress requires knowing your body measurements. You need to know the size of your bust, waist, and hips to get the right fit. 

If you have no idea about your dress size, you need to use a measuring tape to check your exact measurement. You must also measure the circumference of the key areas by knowing the specific areas to place the measuring tape. It will help to research the right body measurement guidelines online to know exactly what you are measuring. 

Tip #2: Familiarise Yourself with Different Fabrics 

Traditional wedding dress shopping in stores allows you to get the feel of the fabric by running your fingers through the dress. However, you may not have the same luxury when shopping for wedding dresses online. It can make it hard for you to imagine how the dress will feel once you wear it during your special day.

However, you can make your online wedding dress shopping easier if you have an idea about the different fabrics. Some textiles stretch to accommodate your body shape, while others are stiffer and remain in place. If you have a particular preference in how your dress feels, you must know which fabrics to consider when buying the wedding dress. 

Some of the most typical wedding dress fabrics include lace, chiffon and crepe for lighter, flowy wedding dresses perfect for the summer, while Gazar or Mikado fabrics are ideal for heavier dresses during winter weddings.   

Tip #3: Inquire About the Store’s Policies 

Some online stores have stricter return policies than others. It can be risky, especially if you have problems with the size or colour of the wedding dress delivered to your doorstep. 

Before finalising your purchase, you must ensure that you have read the online weddings shop’s shipping and return policies. You may also consider the cost of shipping, especially if the delivery fee is higher than the actual cost of the dress.  

Tip #4: Act Fast

Most wedding dresses are one of a kind. While the ones sold in online stores are ready-to-wear, bridal shops usually provide a limited number of dresses. Though, shops like Avery Austin should have the most usual ones like long train dresses with different styles in stock so you still have few choices.

So once you find your dream wedding dress, you need to act fast and purchase it as soon as you can. If it takes some time before you make your decision, some other brides may have already checked it out from their cart.  

Buying wedding dresses online can be more complicated compared to physical shopping. But if you know the right tricks in buying a wedding dress, you will wear the most beautiful gown you will ever wear while walking down the aisle to marry the love of your life.