Having a pearly white tooth can give off the impression that you are taking good care of yourself. However, a monthly visit to the dentist can bring about positive changes in your health and your self-esteem. That is why it is important to consult your most trusted dentist to help address your dental concerns.  We recommend the dentist in pulaski for affordable teeth whitening services.

With newer technologies and dental equipment, it is possible to maintain your best smile. Luckily, there are also some alternative options and remedies that you can do to help improve your dental status. Check the following points:

Brushing with baking soda

One of the few things that can maintain your teeth’ pearly white appearance is regularly brushing it with baking soda. Intuitively, baking soda has a natural whitening effect that can help scrub some surface stains on hard-to-reach areas on your teeth. Also, it has been surmised that baking soda after brushing can significantly deter the accumulation of bacteria, which can then contribute to the development of plaque.

What makes it an ideal home remedy for teeth stains is that it is relatively easier to procure and cheaper. By mixing it with a spoonful of water, you can expect that you will have a pearly white smile in a matter of weeks!

Visiting the dentist regularly

One of the most undermined statements regarding dental health often stresses the importance of having a regular dental appointment. With a certified dentist’s professional guidance and service, you can get the assurance that you will get the best treatment option in maintaining your dental health. 

 What makes it compelling to have a monthly visit to your dentist is that they use various dental equipment proven to clean hard-to-reach surfaces. The use of these contrivances can help fend off bacterial growth and reduce the build-up of plaque and tar. Remember that it is important to seek consultation from a dentist to help assess the status of your dental health. 

Take calcium supplements 

Taking calcium supplements as part of your diet can significantly improve your overall dental health. As supported by scientific claims and inquiry, the ingestion of calcium supplements strengthens the enamel of the teeth. Therefore, these calcium-rich supplements can significantly improve the overall dental condition.

You can also alternatively choose to take calcium-rich foods instead of taking calcium supplements. Some of the most commonly known calcium-rich foods are cheese, broccoli, milk, and other dairy products. 

Floss regularly

Nothing beats flossing when it comes to maintaining your dental health. When done alongside brushing and regular dental appointments, it is claimed that plaque build-up is prevented, and the propensity of bacterial growth is hindered. 

A dentist ideally recommends flossing since it helps remove bacteria and other residual food elements that may contact teeth surfaces. For best results, you should floss after you brush your teeth and do it with regular dental cleaning sessions. 

Use activated charcoal

One of the few things that some people do when cleaning their teeth is pair brushing with activated charcoal. The use of powdered charcoal is thought to remove bacterial and toxins in your teeth. That is why some dentists recommend charcoal-based toothpaste because of these properties! 

There are numerous ways to maintain good dental health. By regularly brushing your teeth and regular dental appointments, it is possible to sustain a pearly white smile!