If you are currently in the midst of a home renovation project, or you are considering updating your home to suit your current tastes, you might find that the internet-inspo can be overwhelming. There’s so much choice nowadays; from endless furniture and DIY suppliers online, to Pinterest boards that seem to go on forever, you could feel swamped by all the choices you have to make. 

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Especially if you aren’t particularly adept at home decoration, it can feel like you’re constantly treading water with your home decor ideas. As soon as one thing falls into place, thousands more decisions are waiting to be made – the whole thing can become stressful quite quickly. Doing all this while juggling a regular home life isn’t for the faint hearted!

Well, fear not – in this post, you’ll find unique ways to brighten up your home without lots of fuss and feathers! Don’t hesitate to go outside your comfort zone, from bright statement colors to green tech LED neon signs!

  1. Copper or copper effect details to modernize your home. 

Copper effect details are a unique, cost effective and easy way to brighten, modernize and “quirkify” your home. Metallic details help your home to feel more contemporary, taking it out of the traditional or dated decor vibes it might have had before. Exposed metal gives any home a rustic feel, and is easy to incorporate into already-installed decor.

A few ways to incorporate copper effect details in your home are:

  • A Copper Curtain pole, drawing the eye upwards and expanding the visuals of the room.
  • Copper or copper effect window panes, to frame the natural light that comes in. 
  • Copper ornaments such as drink trays, to make your home feel quirky and contemporary.
  1. Less is more – especially with kids.

We all know that with kids, comes clutter. Clutter is something that is inevitable with little ones running around – clothes, toys, shoes, school paraphernalia all gather up in what seems like never ending mountains of stuff! 

So when you’re decorating your home with children in mind, it would benefit you to remember: less is more. If you go for a minimal, chic and functional style of home, the color and vibrancy will come on its own, in the form of children’s things and your own personal belongings scattered here and there. 

  1. Paint one wall a bright color, while leaving others neutral.

An easily actionable way of brightening your home’s interior design is by painting one wall a standout color. Most people just leave their walls a simple white color, and that’s fine, but if you want your home to make more of a statement without breaking the bank, painting a wall in a beautiful color is the way to do it!

For example, painting a wall section a bright blue, pink or orange can make a big splash when it comes to drawing the eye to different features in the room, and will serve to make your whole home seem cooler, more contemporary and more unique.

Final thoughts…

If you need help with making unique decor choices that will brighten your home, let this guide show you the way!