Did you know that solar power in America was boosted by almost 45% last year?

More and more Americans are realizing how wonderful solar energy is for a wide variety of reasons. As solar technology continues to improve, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest news.


Are you interested in everything related to solar power? Keep reading to learn all about which solar blogs you should check out.

1. Smart Electric Power Alliance

You can learn all about the benefits of solar power at the Smart Electric Power Alliance blog. Their mission statement explains how they envision the future as a carbon-free place. Not only this, but they also hope that the vision becomes a reality by 2050.

While the world has made some great progress, there’s still a lot to do. By following their blog, you can stay up to date on solar rates and regulations, infrastructure, power markets, and much more.

2. Sunrun

If you’re still hungry for information about solar power, then be sure to follow the Sunrun blog. While this one only posts new content about once a month, they focus on quality rather than quantity.

On their blog, you’ll find posts about solar energy hacks and solar company developments, among other helpful content

3. SunPower

Have you ever asked yourself, “How does solar power work?” You’ll be able to learn all about this and more when you start following SunPower, one of the most popular solar energy blogs around.

They publish new stuff almost every week and cover everything from the biggest solar news to updates relating to your local solar company. They’ve also branched out to include content that educates readers on other green initiatives. That way, you’ll be able to contribute to a cleaner world in more ways than one.

4. Sol-Up

While the Sol-Up blog mostly focuses on west coast solar power companies, their impact is certainly bigger than one side of the country. Their mission statement explains that they want to make the west coast known for its amazing solar power capabilities.

However, this can have a great influence not only on the rest of the country but also on the world as a whole.

5. Wholesale Solar

This high-quality blog has humble beginnings. It all started when one family wanted to go green and ensure that their home was solar-powered.

Fast forward to today and their blog is one of the best sources for solar news, tips, tricks, and hacks. 

Ready to Read These Solar Blogs?

Now that you’ve learned all about which solar blogs you should check out, you’ll be able to stay on top of all the most important news and developments relating to solar. After all, the future is solar-powered and that technology is going to be more and more relevant to our daily lives.

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