The average number of solar panels per solar-powered home is around 20 to 25. The actual number necessary depends on various factors, such as geographical location, sunlight exposure, and energy consumption.

That said, how do you know when to upgrade? What if you need a solar battery system instead?

Keep reading to learn whether to add more panels to your system or buy a battery instead.

When Should You Buy More Solar Panels?

More solar panels mean a higher generation of electricity for your home. Will your household benefit from that?

If your current solar electricity rate is not enough for your daily consumption, getting more panels is a good idea. However, do some computations first.

Do your solar panels generate insufficient energy all year? Do you experience a surcharge during some months?

When your situation aligns with the first, you need more residential solar panels. Calculate the number necessary to determine your expansion size.

When Should You Use a Solar Battery System

However, if you often generate more electricity, a solar battery storage system is a better choice. It stores any excess energy for later use. It can also help improve the return of investment by 12 to 42%.

When your solar system underproduces, it can tap into the solar battery backup to supply your home with energy. That way, you don’t have to draw power from the grid and incur a bill.

If you choose this option, research the different battery options. The standard is lithium solar batteries, but some grid-tied systems also use the Generac Power Cell.

Having a battery backup prevents you from worrying about the days and months without much sunlight. However, ensure your system produces enough energy to cover for the downtimes. 

Going Off-Grid

Another reason to use solar rechargeable batteries is to go off-grid. It means you want to disconnect from the power grid and rely entirely on your solar panel system for your energy needs. 

In this scenario, a solar battery is a must since you have no other backup options. You cannot draw power from the grid when your system underperforms. It also means you can’t give excess energy to the grid to earn some credits.

In either case, determine the proper battery size and type for your needs. Add solar panels on top of a battery if your requirements exceed your current solar production rate.

Find the Right Solar Solution for You

Do you still have a hard time deciding whether to get more panels or get a solar battery system? Find a professional near you. A professional can help you figure out the best solution for your specific needs.

However, learn what to look for in a solar panel contractor. Check their reputation through their online reviews. It ensures you get the most out of your investment.

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