Parents are constantly looking for ways their kids can be ready for the future that are fun. Gruelling, solemn lessons about economics may give children the information they’ll use as adults, but they aren’t exactly a thrill a minute.

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Children are naturally curious and given to play and experimentation. When instruction caters to their inclinations in a subject matter they need to know, the perfect balance is struck. Many parents find that coding classes are a great way that kids can enjoy themselves learning a skillset that will be useful down the road, both in school and the workforce. 

Build Your Own Video Game

Students achieve great results when motivated, and showing kids how to design and program their own video game is the perfect motivational tool. Industry leaders like Real Programming 4 Kids structure their classes around showing kids how to build their own video game, which they can play themselves and share with their friends. Others like who offer online coding for kids even teach your children how to build custom items, so they learn skills like Java, within their favorite games, as they build items such as a Minecraft axe that shoots fireballs, or a super powered pickaxe.

Children will be driven to learn and execute the skills required to make a video game, but in the process, they’ll also learn the programming languages used by many different industries for different purposes. The video game industry is worth many billions of dollars annually, so learning the skills to code them is a direct win.

But coding skills are a core asset in many different types of jobs, from becoming an engineer, data analyst, IT worker, and more.

Professional Languages Only

Some online coding courses teach kids entry-level programs designed to teach what coding is like, but students don’t learn languages that professionals really use in the field. “Scratch” is one such program frequently shown to young kids, but this won’t translate into applicable knowledge.

Enroll your child in a course that teaches coding languages professionals really use, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Your child will be a step or two ahead when they begin learning computers in school, or it’s time for them to hunt for jobs.

Small Classrooms

In-class sessions work best when there’s a small group of students per teacher, and online lessons are no different. Look for a program with a maximum of four students per instructor, so the sessions are organized and orderly. 

Otherwise, classroom management issues can arise. Ideally, teachers should have a background in Computer Engineering or Computer Science, so they have expertise in their subjects, but also young enough to have grown up playing video games themselves as kids. Take a look at this guide to online kids coding classes for other criteria to consider.

Teachers have a palpable level of enthusiasm for teaching how to code video games when they have first-hand experience playing them in their youth. The blend of relatability and expertise is a winning combination.

All kids need to grow up eventually, but not too fast! Childhood only comes around once, and you can never get it back. If you’re looking to ensure your child has fun today while readying themselves for the adult world, sign them up for an online coding course.