Keeping your home clean is a never ending chore, especially when you have kids. I always found that the hardest years were when the kids were babies and toddlers, so just remember that it is a phase and part of life! Spend time with your little ones and remember that within a few years, times will change.

Here are some tips for keeping your home clean and organized.

Go minimal

Less clutter feels just like that – less clutter. It is also less to dust, clean, and maintain. Shelves full of knick knacks can be a huge hassle to keep clean. Use storage bins to stay organized while making your house look even cleaner. There are plenty of fabric storage bins to match your home’s decor and keep things looking streamlined, without clutter.

Consider getting rid of wall to wall carpeting

Wall to wall carpeting can be a hassle to clean and maintain. Dirt and other things will get into your carpeting, and are hard to clean out. This is a problem especially for pet owners, since pet dander and fur will get into your carpeting. You can use wood flooring or area rugs instead, since these are much easier to maintain and keep clean. It is easy to find a wide variety of carpeting alternatives. Check for a quality flooring store near my house.

Have a cleaning list or schedule

When trying to keep your home clean, you want to clean it consistently to maintain it. Make a schedule or list in order to keep yourself on track. You can also use a list to prioritize what needs to be done in general, so you can feel accomplished about getting the most important items done.

Involve the whole family

The whole family can help with cleaning. You can apply the cleaning list/schedule rule here and make a schedule for the whole family to follow. Each family member can have their own job. There are plenty of age appropriate chores for kids. Younger children can take on easier jobs (picking up items off the floor, dusting, etc.) and teens can do some harder work. You can always use reward charts as an incentive!

Keep toys and crafts in one room

Cleaning can be much easier if you go room by room. Therefore, it makes sense if you choose a particular space for things like toys and crafts. This way, there is a designated place space, and other areas can stay clean. If needed, you can even keep certain rooms untouched (for example, your dining room or living room).