You are not alone if you have delayed your wedding plans due to the pandemic (COVID-19). But, the good news is that some states have allowed online weddings that still permits couples to wed—so get ready, you don’t have to delay your wedding any more.

Throughout these two years, more and more couples keep to their scheduled marriage dates by holding them online. In this post, you will know the procedure of getting married virtually. Have a look!

Selection of date and paperwork:

Clearly, where you reside and what exactly the regulations are, is the first answer to whether you can marry online or not. 

However, in UAE, The Ministry of Justice allows citizens to choose a date for a virtual wedding and to perform the wedding through video with a priest, giving full documentation and fee

You also have to arrange all the required documents, once you have arranged the papers necessary by UAE marriage attorneys for an online marriage certificate, submit the documents and have them accepted online. The request should be submitted with all the other needed documentation for Online Marriage with the UAE Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice will arrange online wedding once permitted.

Select a virtual wedding platform:

You have a number of choices, including Skype Session, Instagram Streaming and Zoom Conferences for your online wedding! 

Choose whatever you and your fiancé want. Consider the option through which you can see and speak with your guests through the ceremony.

Send the correct link to all the guests, and any other useful information for people who are using the platform for the first time. 

You can employ a devoted producer who could monitor the technical details of your celebration and organise the stream throughout your day.

Getting ready for the day:

Getting married online shouldn’t drop your enthusiasm. Altogether, it will be quite easy on the screen to dress up and perhaps place certain flowers or a lovely location in the backdrop. It would be nice. Imagine your guest faces appearing delighted after seeing you and your surroundings!

Interview of bride and groom:

Before signing the marriage contracts virtually, the bride, groom and their witnesses will be interviewed in order to confirm their identification and consent. 

The newlyweds will get their certification of marriage through text message just after the ceremony is done.