Almost every couple, especially girls, have their dream wedding, but a dream wedding is not a piece of cake to execute. A lot of details need to be on track while putting up your dream wedding together. 

Unfortunately, we all are aware of how expensive a dream wedding can be. But, whatever the burden is, if you know how to allocate your budget appropriately, no one can stop you from enjoying your dream wedding.

So, in this post, we will let you know how you can get a dream wedding budget friendly execution. Have a look!

Pick what’s non-negotiable:

In wedding planning, everyone has non-negotiable ideas, you and your partner know what these things are. So, sit together and pick out the most significant parts on which you can’t compromise, for example, your desired venue, a themed cake or it can be anything.

Prioritize your wishes and try to cut the least desired ones. It will not only cut your budget but also make your dream wedding execution easy.

Plan your dream wedding in the backyard:

The expense of the marriage venues in terms of your wedding budget might be high. Think of hosting a wedding at your house or a companion’s home to save some cost. You will have complete flexibility on time, catering and decoration. You can monitor everything to avoid any hassle.

In addition, whenever you look around this place you can recall your dream wedding day, it would be a pleasure.

Consider the season:

Season contributes a big part to your dream wedding and so do flowers. If you are planning your dream wedding in summer then look for flowers that are easily available in summers otherwise you will face a heavy budget. 

In addition, if you are planning your wedding in winter then don’t go for the backyard or open option. Whereas, you can go for a hall or lounge option so you and everyone can enjoy your dream wedding comfortably.

Ask mates to share their skills:

Many relatives, bridesmaids, groomsmen and colleagues are more than glad to be available to assist. If they have the skills to do so, please ask if they could give your support rather than providing a wedding present. If this can be done, you will get fantastic photographers, video clients, designers, chefs, DJ or event coordinators, in no dollars.