It’s common knowledge that most kids (and a good number of adults!) are fond of stuffed toys or plushies. They’re great for hugging, using as personal décor, or collecting as keepsakes for sentimental value.

That said, these straightforward toys are also pretty appealing to dogs. Just like humans, some dogs can develop attachments to stuffed toys and see them as comfort items. They also provide a safe means for dogs to exercise their natural instincts without hurting anyone. They can also be useful for training, such as when an owner wants to learn about their dog’s chewing habits and correct any that may be problematic.

There are also several ways for dogs and their dog parents to enjoy these toys together. Items like PrideBites plush dog toys make for wonderful interactive playtime experiences, and they’re a lot of fun to take photos with. Dog owners can search for pet businesses that offer variety and originality in their plush toy designs, all so that playtime can be a little more exciting for them and their dogs. For starters, here are six plush toy designs that can guarantee a paw-some good time:

Classic Dog Life Plush Toys

For those who want to celebrate the good old things about being a dog parent, there’s always the option to choose classic dog toy designs. These include giant dog bones, paw prints, dog houses, tennis balls, and the like. These are perfect icons for what’s so special about owning a dog and are sure to be a hit with the dogs themselves.

Stuffed Animal Friends

Owners also have the choice of getting their dogs stuffed animal friends from the further reaches of the animal kingdom. Dog parents can choose designs according to their own favorite animal (aside from dogs), or that of their partner or child. It would also be fun to purchase animal stuffed toy designs that play up a comical contrast to the dog, like a stuffed dinosaur or a stuffed sea creature. The fun’s in the choosing!  

Sporty Plush Toys

For dog owners who are big fans of sports, they can get sports-themed plush toys for their pups. The shapes can be those of sporting items, like balls, or icons that are associated with the owner’s favorite players. Game day will be a lot more exciting if both the dog and their owner can rock merchandise to support their home team.

Giant Snack Plush Toys

Dogs are always looking for something new to chew on. Owners can take this to comical proportions by buying giant snack-themed plush toys. Stuffed pizza, cakes, cookies, donuts, and waffles are just some examples of plushie designs that can satisfy a dog’s appetite for play. Dog parents have a lot of freedom to choose what food-related plush toys to stock up on. 

Boozy Plush Toys

Dog owners and their fur children can make a toast to their lives together with giant wine bottle or beer can dog toys. There’s no need for real alcohol to get the party started. These toys make for some eye-catching photo ops and are worth the purchase for the dedicated “party animals.” 

Pop Culture-Inspired Plush Toys

Lastly, some pet businesses may offer specialty dog stuffed toys that are inspired by pop culture. It won’t be hard for owners to find toys referencing their favorite movie, TV show, cartoon, or video game. Buying a pop-cultured inspired dog toy will make it feel like the dog is enjoying the franchise right along with them. That, of course, will add an interesting dimension to playtime. 

Tips for Dog Parents on Safe and Fun Stuffed Toy Play

Pet businesses that sell plush dog toys can also take the opportunity to advocate for safe, fun, and injury-free play. Here are some of the most useful tips that they can impart to dog owners: 

  • It’s a good idea for dog parents to rotate their dog’s toys for variety. That said, they should also take note if the dog sees a certain plush toy as their “baby” or favorite comfort item. In that case, they can leave the toy out for longer or let the dog take the toy with them to their dog bed or crate when it’s nap time. 
  • Owners should always choose size-appropriate plush toys. It’s particularly important to buy toys that are larger than the dog’s mouth so that there’s less risk of the toy becoming a choking hazard.
  • It’s safest for dog owners to get one-piece plush toys that don’t have separate parts to them, such as buttons, strings, or beads. If these parts come off, there’s a chance that the dog can swallow them by accident.
  • Lastly, owners should always supervise the use of toys with squeakers in case the dog gets too aggressive about hunting down the source of the squeaking.

Plush toys remain a popular dog merchandise item, and for good reason. There are so many happy playtime experiences that are “paw-ssible” with them. Which do you think will prove to be a big hit with today’s generation of dog parents?