I have been wanting to go to a sunflower farm for ages! We have always just been busy and missed going. But this summer we managed to make it just in time, on one of the last days that the sunflowers were in bloom.

We had seen this farm on Facebook, and some of my friends had visited. The farm is in Westerlo, which is about 35-40 minutes southwest of Albany, NY.

I used Google Maps to get there. The farm is located in Westerlo and I had not been out this way before, but had no problem finding it.

The farm is right on the road with signs out front, so we spotted it right away.

There are cut sunflowers available for purchase out by the road as well.

There are some rules posted next to the parking lot.

The sunflower field is right next to the parking lot, and you don’t have to walk to get there.

The sunflower fields are only in bloom for about 3 weeks in August. We have missed this opportunity several times before because we were just too busy or not in town.

When we went, it was one of the last few days of the season. As you can see, the sunflowers are starting to droop a little bit.

There were lots of bees there, so if you are not a fan of bees or you have kids, just be aware to expect it.

There are a couple spots you can use for photo opportunities as well.

The farm does not have a website, but you can check out their Facebook page for information and updates. If you plan on visiting the sunflower fields, I would check the Facebook page before heading out, as things can change depending on weather and other factors.

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