Shopping for furniture pieces can be exciting, especially for a house makeover or decorating. But you want to ensure you buy durable furniture pieces that align with your lifestyle and bring out your aesthetic taste. Check out these tips for happy furniture shopping.

Measure Your Spaces

Whether you want to buy a bed, sofa, dining furniture, etc., the first step is to shopping right is to measure your spaces. Ensure you get the correct dimensions of the room you want to decorate and the entryways before you start shopping for anything new.

Research Your Wood Types

Many wood varieties are used to make furniture, including hardwood, softwood, veneers, particleboard, and composite wood. It is best to familiarize yourself with furniture wood types as you browse different types of furniture at Koala Living furniture store. Solid wood and softwood are durable and appealing but more expensive than other wood types. 

Veneers are cheap wood bases covered by thin layers of quality wood and aren’t as expensive. Particleboard comes from a hybrid of wood pulp and recycled plastics and makes the cheapest furniture pieces. However, it may not hold up for decades. If you want to buy quality furniture, it is best to find out the type of wood used.

Go For Furniture Quality

So how do you tell if a furniture piece is built to last? Shopping from a reputable furniture store is a good start. Other hints include:

  • For durable furniture, go for solid wood rather than veneer, particleboard, or composite wood.
  • Assembly that uses more screws and dowels is better than glue and nails.
  • Find sofa cushions that have coils.
  • Ensure the upholstery aligns appropriately at the seams.

Keep In Mind Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle should determine the colors and fabrics you choose for your furniture pieces, especially the sofas. For instance, if you have pets like cats and dogs climbing up and down your furniture all day, a suede couch would tear up in a short period. If you have toddlers and pets, it would be best to stick with dark colors and more stain-resistant fabrics like tweed.

Consider Custom Pieces

If you are redecorating your house or looking for unique furnishings, consider custom furniture pieces. Having furniture custom-made to your needs is a great way to match your sizing requirements and design aesthetics. Most furniture stores provide opportunities to customize wood types, upholstery, size, design, and more to suit your preferences.

Explore Online

Exploring furniture on the web in furniture stores such as the Koala Living furniture store allows you to find styles you love and compare prices. Browsing online for furniture items also means you can access customer reviews and ratings on different types of furniture. These reviews provide insight into various factors such as durability, staining, ease of maintenance, and more.

Try Haggling

Although this may not work with luxury retailers, you can try your hand with haggling. You can be lucky enough to get inexpensive yet good-quality furniture. It allows you to get the exact furniture you want at a discount.

The Takeaway

When shopping for furniture, focus on quality and not quantity. You need furniture items that can last you for the next couple of years.