If your loved one has suddenly passed, or they have been fighting a long battle with a terminal illness, it is time to plan a loving funeral that will best honor them in a memorable and personalized way. One of the best ways that you can help memorialize your loved ones and commemorate them even in death is by having a casket that works with their personality and their last wishes.

By ensuring that you choose a beautiful, intricate, and appropriate casket for the person you are burying, you can honor them in one last choice. By helping plan a beautiful funeral that reflects their personality, you can make sure that you pay honor to them and how important they were in your life. 

But when you are deciding on all of the funeral decorations, you might be thinking to yourself – should I have a closed or open casket from Titan Casket? This is a decision that is hard in many loved one’s lives when it comes to making decisions for a funeral. Let’s see the pros and cons of each for your loved one’s funeral. 

Closed vs open casket – which one should I choose?

This last decision can be very harrowing and distressful for a family member who has been tasked with being in charge of funeral arrangements for their loved one. However, when it comes to open and closed caskets, there are pros and cons of each that you should weigh before making your final decision. 

Closed Casket

The first option for your loved one’s funeral is a closed casket. In this process, you will not be able to see the body of your loved one since the casket will be closed. The benefit of using a closed casket for your funeral is that it can be beneficial for those who will not be mentally strong enough to look at their loved one last time. 

Open casket

The other choice for your loved one’s funeral is having an open casket. In this case, the family and friends of the loved ones will be able to see the body of the loved one by being able to look into the casket. Even though this can be too overwhelming for some people, it also gives family members the chance to see them one last time and to say goodbye face to face. 

For those who want to see their loved ones one last time, this can be the best option. Even though the loved one will look slightly different and a little paler and older, this can be the best way to finally have closure. By being able to see your loved one in the face one last time, you will be able to say any last words to them, look at them one more time, and finally be able to move on. 


There are both pros and cons of having an open or closed casket for your loved one’s funeral. If you do not think that you can mentally withstand being able to see your loved one for one last time, consider using a closed casket. If you want to say goodbye to your loved one face to face, using an open casket is the way to go.