Energy takes up every part of your home every day. From the appliances found in the laundry room, kitchen, and living room, it’s undeniable that you spend a lot of money as your home appliances operate daily. Likewise, usage of these appliances will be harmful to your wallet and the environment as well. With this, it’s essential to adopt a lifestyle that will ensure you save not only energy and money but mother earth too – and what better way than with an eco-friendly home!

Like millennials look forward to becoming energy-efficient,  so can you by opting for an eco-friendly home! Thus, learn the ways of becoming eco-friendly here and ultimately lessen your carbon footprint with these easy upgrades:

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Go For Bamboo Sheets

Although the mattress or the sheets you have felt like a sanctuary, it could be harmful, especially if it’s infused with chemicals. These beds could be emitting harmful toxins as you sleep, and although they may not be detrimental to adults, they can be dangerous for children and infants. Thus, to relieve you of this problem and grant you tranquil sleep free of chemicals, it’s best to get rid of your old one and get yourself new bamboo sheets.

Bamboo is commonly seen as building materials or even food – but today, it’s also known to be a resource for eco-friendly and soft sheets, blankets, and towels. As a natural fiber, bamboo gives you an antibacterial element that feels cloud-like. Getting Bamboo Sheets for your home ensures you a cleaner, softer, and more durable material. With this option, you get a hold of a chemical-free alternative to lessen your carbon footprint and grant you more sleep.

Switch To LED Lightbulbs

If you want your lightbulb to have a longer lifespan, all while saving you energy and money during the cold weather, then the LED light bulbs will do wonders! Unlike fluorescent lamps that need high power to operate during colder weather, LED lights won’t need extra energy as they supply sufficient light regardless of hot or cold temperatures. Likewise, LED lights don’t produce waste light compared to other lighting options – giving you an energy-efficient and wallet-saving opportunity. To tie it together, LED lights to improve your eco-friendly performance grant you easier maintenance and heightened energy efficiency.

Get A Smart Thermostat

Although your manual thermostat may still be working, getting a smart thermostat for your home is more beneficial. You could easily save money and energy just by programming your thermostat. With a bit of program, this machine monitors your cooling and heating systems – cutting down your bill and easing your finances. You could even schedule your heating and cooling systems so you won’t have to adjust them every time manually.

Additionally, a smart thermostat grants you the power to track all of your energy usages. By doing so, you could hunt and determine how your use lowers or rises, how it could affect your costs, and how to adjust your usage with your preferences and budget.

Opt For Sustainable Flooring

If you’re looking for a large project that will surprise you with its stylish yet eco-friendly feel, you could even opt for sustainable floorings such as bamboo or glass tiles. Since these materials are recyclable and reusable, eco-friendly flooring materials will save your wallet on their costs and maintenance. With the installation of eco-friendly materials, the indoor air quality will improve, eventually reducing chemicals such as formaldehyde. 

Installing sustainable flooring could even help add extra insulation as it offers good acoustics with your smart thermostat. Likewise, such flooring reduces wastes as it can last for generations. Once you choose to dispose of your wood floors, you could even recycle them for other materials such as tables or cupboards, or they could be used as fuel since it’s combustible. Thus, you quickly get cost-effective, energy-efficient, and breathable air quality – all with adding sustainable flooring in your home.

Install Low-Flow Water Fixtures

Since you’ve saved up on energy on the last four options, saving water comes next. With this, you may want to install low-flow water fixtures such as toilets, showerheads, and faucets to save water. Additionally, low-flow fixtures are designed to reduce your water waste, expelling half a gallon every minute – thus, getting one would mean you save gallons of water!

Since you save up on your water usage, you also save up on energy when heating it. With this, you reduce your electricity bills by decreasing the need to heat plenty of water every day. Ultimately, getting low-flow fixtures will cut your electricity and water, which also cuts your utility bills. By doing so, you get more pocket money to save or spend on other home upgrades as well.


Becoming an earth warrior always starts somewhere – and with these upgrades, at home. Likewise, whether it be a smart thermostat, bamboo sheets, LED lights, sustainable flooring, or low-flow fixtures, getting one of these will be one step in your sustainable and green life. Ultimately, taking one step will lead to another – granting you a more breathable lifestyle that increases your environmental awareness and lessens your carbon footprint.