Starting college life can be an exciting experience. From acquiring learning resources and materials to figuring out campus accommodations, much needs to be done. However, it is also true that transitioning into this crucial phase can be highly stressful. With the increasing variety of subject options alongside local and international academic opportunities, students are bound to be confused. 

Most college students are unsure about selecting the most suitable college major for themselves or are anxious about moving out of the house. Nevertheless, loved ones, particularly parents, can prove to be excellent mentors or counselors. Your parents have undoubtedly been preparing you to lead a fulfilling life from childhood. They can provide insightful wisdom or guide you when facing the challenges of a strict academic routine.

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So, how can you play your part as a parent to help your youngster prepare for college? Read on to gather a few beneficial tips and guidelines.

Have open discussion 

Encourage your son/daughter to openly discuss any matters or concerns regarding college that might be bothering them. Let them know that you will willingly listen and are available if they need to talk. Educating them to self-cater to most tasks such as paying bills, doing groceries, basic first aid can help them independently manage themselves.

Furthermore, you can also assist them in determining which field and learning mode would serve as the most beneficial one for them. For instance, if your son/daughter has a keen interest in pursuing a business career, help them explore manageable learning options. Today, business students seek employment alongside enrolling in a degree program. So, to efficiently manage both, business aspirants often pursue an online bachelor’s. After which, most of them opt for an online MBA no GMAT, allowing them to climb the ladder to leadership positions. Undeniably, MBA programs, like online MBA in sustainability, are crucial to those who are seeking to enhance employability and survive the cutthroat competitive corporate industry.

Visit the campus

Before deciding on the perfect college, it is viable to visit and see the institute first hand. It is an excellent way to have an idea of the kind of facilities that are present. When it comes to selecting a college, factors other than the quality of education may also significantly affect the decision. These include the number of libraries, the availability of sports grounds, and the variety of campus clubs.

Many campuses offer tours that encourage students and their parents to explore the different educational departments and meet the administration and faculty. It can help them shortlist the most suitable institutes to consider.  If physically visiting the place is impossible, some institutes may let you have a virtual tour of their premises. Besides, given the current state of things, it’s better if you persuade your son/daughter to opt for online education. 

Realistic goal setting

It is crucial to set aspiring but achievable goals when it comes to measuring academic successes. Students often have unrealistically high goals or expectations that may result in feelings of disappointment or failure. Breaking down goals into smaller and measurable objectives can be a better way to go about it. For instance, most newcomers obsessively strive to achieve the highest score in every assessment and experience extreme anxiety levels as a result. A recent survey indicates that almost 57% of students suffer from anxiety in their college years.  

Being a parent, you might experience your child adopting unhealthy patterns such as forgoing sleep to secure a top position. It is also true that some families put immense pressure on young adults to do well in their studies and ultimately neglect mental health. Although it is necessary to be successful academically for better career opportunities, parents should assist them in ensuring balance.

Encourage healthy lifestyle

As mentioned, stress is a significant health concern faced by college students. The majority of students develop unhealthy habits such as sleeping issues or eating junk food. Such a lifestyle further deteriorates students’ health while reducing their focus and concentration levels.

The home environment and habits of others in the house greatly influence youngsters. There is no denying that parents should instill the importance of a healthy lifestyle in children early on. However, parents of young adults can still promote good routine patterns, firstly by setting an example themselves and secondly by words of encouragement. Thus, educating them on the benefits of sleeping a recommended eight hours each night and establishing regular sleep timings for all family members may be helpful. 


Starting college can be an enjoyable but also stressful experience for your youngster. As a parent, you can ease their worries or lessen them by assisting them in tackling the challenges. Encouraging them to communicate their views and concerns is a great way to start. Furthermore, helping them establish healthy routines when it comes to studying can prove to be beneficial. The key is to be present and supportive when they are embarking on this new phase of life.