Highland Park Jewelry Store are growing fast due to the demand of buyers who want to purchase diamonds for personal use or for their businesses. Buy diamonds in bulk in Highland park and get it at a lower price, some wholesale stores allow individuals to buy directly to their store especially for wholesale loose diamonds online purchases. If you are wondering where to buy wholesale diamonds in Highland Park visit Shira Diamonds in Highland Park for wholesale diamonds for sale

What to Look for in a Loose Diamonds For Sale Highland Park?

As a Highland Park diamond buyer you should consider some factors before making your wholesale purchase on loose diamonds in that way you can get the highest quality and get them with discounts. 


Diamond Wholesale Prices In Highland Park 

Diamond Wholesalers Near Highland Park may vary depending on the shape of the diamonds and grades. So you have to be familiar with the details of the diamond you are looking for, so, if you can set your budget in buying one. Another thing you can do is compare prices of jewelry stores that are selling loose diamonds in this way you can spot the differences and compare which one is indeed worth it for its price. 

4cs of Diamonds

  1. Color 

Diamonds are not all colorless as they may seem. GIA scale has classified diamonds according to their color D, E and F are colorless diamonds and are the most expensive. 

Buy Loose Diamonds Wholesale In Highland Park G, H, I and J are nearly colorless. This group of colors are good enough as alternatives for the colorless ones. You can choose from this color grade for your loose diamonds. The important thing is that it is brilliant enough to sparkle since this is what customers want. 

  1. Cut

The quality of diamond cut can affect its durability and beauty. Excellent cut diamonds can last longer because they are not prone  to chipping.Look for a jewelry shop who can do excellent cuts on loose diamonds. 

  1. Clarity

Inclusions can make the value of diamond lower, diamonds are grade according to its inclusions according to the following:

  • Flawless-This are diamonds without any flaw inside and out, they are rare and are most expensive.
  • Internally Flawless-This are diamonds that had no flaws inside but may have some on the outer
  • Very very slightly Included (VVS1 or VVS2) -The inclusions are very slight that it is hard to be seen by graded technician under 10X magnification
  • Slightly INcluded (SI1 or SI2)- The inclusions are visible under 10x magnification
  • Included (I1, I2 or I3) -The inclusions are noticeable under 10x magnification and may affect the brilliance and quality of diamond. 

When it comes to clarity the best choice would be VVS1, VVS2  or SI1 but if you can go for internally flawless or flawless if possible then go for it as long as your customer will have a good budget to buy this diamond with high grade clarity. 

  1. Carats

The carat weight of diamond will determine its price since diamonds are priced per carats plus depending on the shape and quality  of course. 

Where To Buy Wholesale Diamonds In Highland Park ?

There are a lot of diamond stores in Highland Park. You have to find a store that can satisfy you with the kind of diamond you are looking for. You can search for cheap diamond jewelry wholesale in Highland park, and you can find the nearest jewelry store near you.The good thing about opting for the nearest store is that you can check the diamond in person instead of relying on description and pictures on the internet. Checking on store’s feedback can also be a good idea to know if the store is reputable or not.

In deciding where to buy wholesale diamonds in Highland Park, being familiar with the qualities of loose diamonds can help you get the best one. Whether it’s for personal use or for selling it will be best to get good quality ones that can make you satisfied and get your money’s worth. Remember there is no such thing as cheap diamonds, but there is a less expensive diamond,if you can get it with a discount or less than the regular price bit with the same quality then why not.