Setting off for adventure both near and far is something the avid traveler looks forward to. Getting away and exploring new cultures, people and experiences always create some incredible anecdotes and memories you’ll never forget. Forming a deep connection with travel is unique for every individual. Here are our “4 Must-Have Items for the Avid Traveler.”

1. Proper Footwear

Is there an ideal traveling shoe?

Everyone has different tastes in footwear, but the most important thing to look for is comfort. There’s nothing worse than aching feet when you’re moving about and trying to take in both indoor and outdoor sites on your journey.

Slip-on canvas sneakers are a great choice, according to avid travelers, and pack some absorbable cotton socks for the trip. Sneakers provide proper arch support while walking, but break in your sneakers before you leave so that they are very comfy.

If boots are more your style, they also can be another excellent footwear choice for traveling. The shoes are ankle-high and typically feature an elastic side panel, and talk about versatility.

The Chelsea boot is durable and capable of walking through all kinds of terrain in all kinds of conditions, looks classic and even appropriate for nights out, etc.

2. Comfort Sleeping

Where you lay your head at night also matters because you need those zzzs for energy to explore every nook and cranny on your adventure the next day you awaken. A sore back and sore neck are never any fun while you’re on vacation.

Once again, comfort is always key when you’re going by land, sea, or air. For many folks, that means taking an awesome travel pillow with you that is lightweight, portable, and provides superb support for the neck and head.

When you’re traveling via recreational vehicle, the best RV mattress can make a difference so that you can rise and shine feeling rejuvenated from a good night’s sleep and ready to go.

3. Travel Outfits

This one can be daunting, but don’t let it freak you out when you have to pack your clothing.

The weather will play a key factor wherever your travels take you. It’s best to always arrange your outfits by layers that you can put on or easily take off, say the travel style pros. Begin with a basic tank top, for instance. Then, pack a long-sleeve thermal shirt, light sweater, fleece jacket, and a down winter coat. Black leggings and sweats are also versatile for traveling and exploring your destination.

Scarves are an excellent accessory for any season and come in light to heavier fabrics.

Also, look for clothing in neutral colors because they will match with just about everything you bring along.

You want outfits that are made of wrinkle-free fabrics such as polyester, knit and cashmere.

4. Notebook And Printer

No, don’t worry. We’re not suggesting that you carry on a bulky, heavy printer for your trip. Instead, consider a smartphone printer that is small, convenient and makes pocket-size prints ready for you to hand out or hang up on the wall while you’re exploring your destination. The prints come with a sticky back to adhere to lots of things.

All you have to do is buy the film, easily connect the tiny device to your phone, and you’re good to go! The quality is amazing, and you can directly print your iPhone pictures and create Polaroid-like memories.

We recommend also bringing along a notebook to record your travel events and happenings. A Moleskin classic notebook is ideal with a hardcover and dimensions of 5″ x 8.25″ and 240 blank white pages. You can stick your smartphone prints inside and create a mini travel scrapbook or diary. There is also a pocket in the back, which always comes in handy for storing things.

It’s a reliable travel companion for sketches, thoughts and passing notes.

Let’s be honest. It’s about time that we all hit the road and took off for new adventures. The world is calling you. Getting ready for your next destination shouldn’t be overwhelming. Look over our list of suggestions to help you pack the proper stuff, feel comfortable in every moment and record these gorgeous memories!