You can buy a suit jacket in five minutes, but it cannot assure that it would fit perfectly. While buying suit jackets, you must take your size into account. If you are eager to nail it, you may need to consider many other factors. These days, modern suits are designed with multiple variations than ever before. Creativity has reached such a height that you can find Thom Browne’s signature suit that excludes pants but includes shorts. A rise of looser style is also ruling the fashion world. 

Though all men are equal, their sizes cannot be the same. You can ask your tailor to make a few tweaks to give your suit a unique look. However, if you want a no-frills and well-fitted classy suit, you need to consider the following points:


You should confirm that the shoulder of your suit ends with your shoulders. This is the basic thing to consider. If you put on a jacket too big or small for your shoulders, you must not attempt to buy it. Instead, you need to find one that is neither big nor small to your shoulder size. Ask your tailor to note down the proper measures of shoulders.


When your top button is fastened, make sure your flat hand can easily fit into the suit under the labels. By putting a fist in, your suit must pull at the button. However, you can add a few things as per your choice but remember that you should not go too far away from this guideline.


You should ensure that the top button of your two-button suit or the middle one of your three-button suit is not crossing your navel. When it comes to buttoning a three-button suit, it should be buttoned top to button sometimes, while sometimes you may keep one unbuttoned. But in the case of a two-button suit, you must always keep both buttoned. 


Keep your arms at your sides and check whether your knuckles are even with the bottom of the suit or not. However, there are some exceptional cases as men’s fashion trends keep coming and going with the time, but you must ensure that the jacket covers your hip.


The sleeves of your jacket must reach the base of the meeting point of thumb and wrist. If you wear a watch regularly, tailors can count up the sleeves a little more to keep the watch uncovered by the sleeves. On the other hand, if you are not a regular watch-wearer, you can ignore this point and let the sleeves cover the whole hand. Both looks are pretty popular.


Once your sleeves are correctly set, your tailor should place a cuff.  It would be best if you made a quarter and a half-inch of the shirt’s cuff visible. It looks fantastic and trendy.


If you are expecting a classic fit, you must opt for one inch of break. On the other hand, if you want a modern fit, you need to refrain from breaking it so that you can show off a little ankle or sock. Remember that the socks must be suitable for the suit jackets.

Bottom line

Everyone’s style sense is different, so is a person’s choice. Hence, you can instruct the tailor to work as per your special requirements but always remember that the basics discussed here must not be violated; otherwise, your suit would not fit your size and look messy.