The bathroom is just a place for bathing and freshening up, but it is an escape from the stress and tension. Some feel relaxed as soon as they enter the bathroom. It is a good idea to take a bath if you are having a bad day or confused about any issues. A good bath will give you the calmness and time to think about the issue without stressing too much.

The ideal bathroom has many fixtures and fittings such as bathtubs, showerheads, taps, cabinets, etc. Bathtubs are great for immersing yourself in the water and taking a break from all your worries. The showerheads are necessary for everyone, especially those who prefer a shower over sinking themselves in a bathtub.

Now, you may be confused about the bathroom fixtures and fittings and how they differ or are the same?

Bathroom Fixtures vs Bathroom Fittings

The bathroom fixtures are the things/items that are the permanent features of your bathroom. And they cannot be easily removed, as they are all attached to the plumbing and electrical wires. The bathtub and shower are examples of fixtures; they are of utmost importance and cannot be optional for people who buy them.

The fittings are the additional fittings one makes over the fixtures, such as toilet seat, cabinet, toilet paper holder, mirror, etc. These fittings can be easily moved or replaced if required.

Here Are The 4 Must-Have Bathroom Fixtures:

  1. Bathtubs

It is a fixture that adds a bit of luxury to your space. It gradually becomes the focal point of your bathroom. For some, bathtubs are unnecessary, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. However, people still prefer a bathtub even after having a congested bathroom, and it shows how good it feels to be in a bathtub.

2. Toilet

Well, isn’t it the fundamental fixture everyone looks for in a bathroom? Unfortunately, many are unaware of the variety of designs and shapes of toilets available in the market. Even now, you can buy a wall-hung toilet for a contemporary feel to the bathroom.

3. Sinks

While choosing a sink, you need to consider size, shape, and how it will be mounted beforehand. Sinks are crucial in a bathroom and should be given priority when setting up your bathroom. Some even keep a smaller sink and fix it below the usual height for children. The sink placement plays an essential role in the bathroom, and if you mess up, the sink will be too far or in an uncomfortable place to reach.

4. Shower set  

Everyone’s favourite bathroom feature is the shower. After the bathtub, the shower  is the alternative or next best thing. It’s a great way to unwind after a long and stressful week. People use showerheads to make the waterfall in different ways, such as heavy rainfall, light showers, pouring, and many more styles. You can also get a detachable shower head for showering specific body parts.

These bathroom fixtures are necessary if you are setting up a new bathroom. You may avoid the bathroom fittings, but bathroom fixtures are well equipped, and they make the bathroom more functional and fabulous. Some bathroom fittings are toilet seats, toilet paper holders, wall cabinets, mirrors, etc. These items are as important as the bathroom fixtures.