If you are debating between what type of furniture to purchase for your living room, you first need to decide – what type of mattress is best for my needs and my price range? 

Leather sleeper sofa – coil vs. memory foam mattress

If you want to purchase a leather sleeper sofa for your living room for your guests, that is a great idea – this way you don’t have to worry about having a special “guest bedroom” that is wasted space except when people stay over. Instead, convert your living room or family room into a sleeping space with a comfortable, durable, and stylish leather sleeper sofa. 

This sleeper sofa not only increases the functionality of your space but can save room in the long run. But how do you find the best leather sleeper sofa that works with your budget, style, and space? If you are debating between what type of leather sleeper sofa to purchase you used to decide if you want a couch that has either a spring mattress or a memory foam mattress first. Or you can click here to purchase a qualified leather sleeper sofa for your home.

Spring mattress

A spring mattress is a type of mattress that has coils or springs underneath the surface. This mattress is what people typically think of when they envision a “traditional” mattress – which is now synonymous with a “cheaper” mattress. There are different types of coils that you can use with a spring mattress that provide different levels of bounce or support to the user, ranging from continuous to pocket. Although some coil mattresses can be comfortable depending on the type of support you choose, innerspring-connected coils are not very comfortable and can cause back problems later down the line. 

The pros of using a spring mattress for your leather sleeper sofa is the short break-in period compared to other materials, lower price for those who are on a budget, cooler sleep due to the airflow between the material, and a bouncy feeling for those who enjoy having a little more support and stiffness than other mattress types. 

However, the negatives of using an innerspring coil spring mattress include the lack of comfort, inability to conform to your body, pressures of the coils exacerbating your muscles, and less durability.

Memory foam mattress

The second type of mattress that you can choose when purchasing a leather sleeper sofa for your house is a memory foam mattress, a mattress type that contains various players of foam that contours to your body shape and distributes support to various areas of your body evenly. 

The positives of choosing a memory foam mattress for your leather sleeper sofa are the ability to evenly distribute your body weight, softness against your skin, ability to hold shape without drooping, and cooling mechanism. The only downside to choosing a memory foam mattress for your leather sleeper sofa is the potential to retain heat while living in hot climates due to the materials used. 


If you are debating between a leather sleeper sofa with a coil spring mattress or memory foam mattress for your living room, weigh the pros and cons of each to see which material works best for your budget and needs. Choosing a memory foam mattress is typically longer lasting and more comfortable by conforming to your body type.