What is a diffuser?

A diffuser is a device that disperses essential oils into the air. It’s the ultimate tool for creating a home fragrance. On top of smelling great, aromatherapy can help improve your mood, sleep, and immune system.

However, you’ll have to be careful. If you don’t set up your diffuser the right way, or know how to blend the oils, things can get messy fast. To help you out, we’ve created this short guide for beginners. 


Let’s explore how you can use a scent diffuser machine like a pro!

Buying a Scent Diffuser Machine

Did you already buy your scent diffuser machine? Great! If not, you’ll want to splurge for a high-quality diffuser, rather than opting for a cheaper option. 

While you’ll wind up paying more upfront, you’ll save money in the long run. Cheap diffusers break easily, and they don’t produce the same healing aromatherapy effects.

You can find diffusers at home good stores, and online. Not sure which one to get? Simply search for a  popular list of diffusers available. Next, look for a diffuser that meets your needs. If you have a large home and want a big fragrance, get a hefty diffuser. 

Picking a Scent Spot

Once you have a diffuser you can trust, you’ll need to set it up. After removing all of the packagings, find an area in your home you can place the diffuser. Choose an area where the air will be able to flow around the machine so that the scent will be dispersed evenly.

After you set up an area, plug in your diffuser and fill it with water. Next, add the essential oils to the water. You can choose a set of essential oil blends if you’re looking for extra scents.

Blending Essential Oils for Diffuser

Next, let’s look at how a pro approaches essential oils for diffuser. For instance, what scents blend well together? If you’re looking for an uplifting aroma, we suggest blending lemon and peppermint. Both of these scents are easy on the nose and are perfect for waking you up.

If you want to relax, try a scent that contains vanilla or lavender oil. If you have pets, you’ll want to learn about what oils are good vs bad for dogs and cats to be around.

Set Your Timer

After choosing what essential oils you’ll be using, set your timer for about 30 minutes before turning it on. While some diffusers will have a built-in timer, some will not. So be sure to choose one that has an adjustable time limit so you can control the ideal running time for your diffuser.

How Long Should You Diffuse Your Oil?

Since everyone’s sense of smell is different, how long you should diffuse essential oils depends on what scent you’re using. If you’re looking for a strong aroma, you’ll need a longer running time.

You should also explore diffusing stronger essential oils, such as clove or oregano oil, which will disperse a fresher, longer-lasting scent.

Are you using a blend of different oils together that may not immediately mix well with each other? It’s great to be creative. 

However, to avoid exposing yourself to a bitter or burnt smell, limit the time you diffuse for new blends. When you’re sure you love the combo, you can diffuse the oils for longer.

Create A Home Fragrance

There you have it! The top tips for using a scent diffuser machine like a pro! When you find the right spot to put your diffuser and perfect your essential oil blends, the results are amazing. Since finding a quality diffuser is the first step, make that your mission today. 

Remember, it’s better to pay a little more now, than wind up with a diffuser that doesn’t work right. Need some more natural remedies or insight? Explore what the rest of this site has to offer.