We have been enjoying lots of hikes this summer and visiting many of the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy preserves as part of the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy 20 Preserve Challenge. The Restifo Sanctuary is located in Westerlo, and has a small trail.

This preserve is located about 30 minutes from the Albany, NY area. We used Google Maps to get there.

The 51-acre property is mostly wetlands and open water. It provides excellent opportunities for bird watching. There is a short, 200-yard trail behind the preserve kiosk. Parking is along the road.

We drove in on Maple Ave, and going south, the preserve parking is on your left just after you pass over the water.

I did at first miss the sign / kiosk for the preserve. It is on the side of the road just past the preserve, and there is about one parking spot there on the side of the road. Since it is not busy on that road, you could probably fit a second car.

The trailhead has plenty of information about the preserve and the trail.

There isn’t a trail map for this online, since it is really just a path to the water.

The trail is clearly marked with bright trail markers.

The trail is not long at all, so this is not really somewhere you would go for a hike, but it is nice to take in the surroundings and wetland environment.

Visit Restifo Sanctuary at https://mohawkhudson.org/our-preserves/restifo-sanctuary/

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