Keeping dogs in the best of health may become challenging for new owners with little to no experience in the area. They may visit different veterinarians and try various medicines, only to encounter unsuccessful attempts to ease their pets of whatever ails them.

Hemp oil, also commonly known as CBD oil, is among the most recent pet wellness products in the market. Companies like Pet Releaf provide reliable and safe hemp oil products as a holistic wellness method for pets. An increasing number of pet owners rely on hemp products to help their pets deal with anxiety, pain, diseases, and other unpleasant conditions.

Following is a brief guide of the essential things pet owners should know about hemp oil as a source of pet wellness.

What is it?

Hemp oil is taken from the stalks, flowers, and leaves of the hemp plant. It contains CBD, which is known to have beneficial effects on both humans and animals.

In contrast, the hemp seed oil is taken from the seeds of the hemp plant. The belief earlier was that hemp seeds were not the source of cannabinoids. However, research shows that it can contain as many as thirty different types of cannabinoids.

Hemp oil and hemp seed oil are both being increasingly used to improve overall health and wellness.

It is not psychoactive

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is found in cannabis and is known to cause psychoactive reactions in users. This element is missing in hemp oil extracts, making the product safe for pet use. This essentially means that your pet can enjoy the benefits of the drug without the “high.”

Conversely, the CBD in hemp oil is said to hold incredible medical benefits. For instance, studies claim it can help treat osteoarthritis in dogs, a persistent bone condition that causes severe, chronic pain. Several other studies are still ongoing to test how it can help dogs and other domestic animals deal with stress, cancer, epilepsy, nervous system disorders, and other conditions.

How to buy hemp oil for pet use

If you are a first-time buyer, it is extremely important not to buy an adulterated or subpar product. You can use the below tips to make your first buying decision easier.

  • Consider Co2 extraction

Co2 is the most expensive hemp oil extraction method. But it also means that there are higher concentrations of CBD in the hemp oil owing to this type of extraction method, so your pet enjoys maximum benefits. However, although this makes the product costlier, it is safer for use with more active ingredients.

  • Buy from a familiar, reliable source

Consider buying from dependable sources such as Pet Releaf, as it can protect you from purchasing poor-quality hemp oil. Ideally, the source must provide a COA (Certificate of Analysis) that shows you how much CBD the product contains and if it is full spectrum.

  • Ensure it is contaminant-free

You must always prefer organic hemp oil that does not contain heavy metals, solvents, or other residues. This is to ensure that it is safe for your pet to consume.

How to administer it to dogs

Hemp oil products are available with or without the CBD compound in them. You can buy the exact product your pet needs after consulting with your veterinarian. Hemp oil is available in tincture form and comes in a dropper, making it convenient to use. You can add it to treats or other soft dog foods. 

Alternatively, the dropper makes it easy for you to put a couple of hemp oil drops under your dog’s tongue or against his cheek. Many people consider this the most effective way for accurate dosing. That’s because the mouth and gums directly absorb the oil instead of your pet ingesting them through a dietary method.