As children grow up, parents have a critical influence in shaping their faith in religion, from attending church to studying bible passages. Parenting does not stop at ensuring the material well-being of your child. After all, children are people – and people are spiritual beings. 

Raising a kid can be a tough job for any parent – and no one wants to fail at it. Getting parenting right should involve many things, including introducing your child to faith at a young age. 

Understanding and gaining faith in religion at a younger age is essential for a child as it helps them develop perspective and get a deeper understanding of who they are. There are plenty of methods that a parent can use to help their child grow in faith. 

Help Them Understand the Meaning of Their Name and Why You Chose It

Most parents understand that giving a child a religious name is one of the ways to raise them in faith. However, a name from the bibles would not carry any importance if your kid does not understand its meaning.

Each religious name has a spiritual meaning. Therefore, helping your child understand why you chose their name can help nurture and strengthen their faith in religion. 

Involve Your Entire family in Every Religious Activity

Attending religious activities is essential for any individual who wants to grow their faith. It helps develop both physical and spiritual well-being, among many more benefits. For that reason, it is one of the best ways to help your child grow their faith in religion.

Most parents often leave their kids at home when attending religious activities. Be it regular worship or bible study sessions, ensure you bring your kid along to avoid the impression that faith is only essential when convenient.

Be Gentle and Smart When Answering Hard Questions

Without a doubt, children ask the hardest religious questions. As a parent, my bet is your kid has already asked you a question such as: Who made God? Most parents often shy away from such questions for fear of misleading their kids. 

While that may seem like a good choice, it does more harm than good. A parent should take such questions and doubts concerning faith as a heaven-sent opportunity to strengthen the child’s faith in religion. It is essential to be gentle when answering these questions as kids are still too young to comprehend some aspects of religion.

Memorize Bible Verses with Your Kid

Never underestimate the power of memory verses. One of the best ways to grow your child’s faith in religion is by picking a weekly or daily verse and memorizing it together. You can even write the verse on a note and stick it somewhere in the bathroom for a quick reminder. 

Additionally, you can pick a life verse for your family. A family life verse should be a quote that represents the desires of your family. It is vital to refer to the verse regularly to help your kid become more alert and observant.


Helping your kid grow in faith can be a tough job for any parent. One of the primary reasons is that children lack the knowledge to comprehend some of the challenging aspects of religion. 

However, things can be less demanding if you follow the above tips on how to help your kid’s faith grow.