I have been wanting to check out this park for a while, as it is located conveniently in Colonie, NY on Sand Creek Road.

This park is so easy to get to, and is not far from Wolf Road and Colonie Center Mall.

There are plenty of signs out front, and a decent amount of parking (I would say 8-10 parking spots).

The beginning of the trail has some information posted about the park.

I love that this trail is so accessible, and is great for a wide variety of visitors.

We have had quite a bit of rain lately, and there was some streams around the park.

There are bridges over wetter areas like the streams.

The park is surprisingly quiet, despite its proximity to town. At one point we passed buildings, which I believe are the Shaker Run Apartments, where there is also another spot you can access the trail.

The boardwalk was all in pretty good condition, except for a handful of broken boards and this spot that was collecting water. I thought that it was in pretty good shape for almost a mile of boardwalk. The signs warn that the boardwalk can be slippery when wet.

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