Praying the Rosary with your family remains one of the best ways to worship the Lord and keep the family unit strong. What’s more, it is an excellent way of encouraging younger kids in the home to appreciate prayer as well as cultivating a prayerful nature in them.

As the old saying goes, “a family that prays together stays together.” After all, God is ever faithful, which means He will surely bless your family as a whole if you come to Him together in prayer. You’ll experience love, peace, and harmony like never before when you pray as one.

That said, exactly how can you use the Rosary beads during prayer with your family? Here are three key pointers: 

1. Pray With Everyone Holding Their Rosaries

The first thing you need to do is make sure every member of the family has their rosaries in hand. Click here to order some pieces of rosaries for your family. This way, it becomes easy for everyone to follow the prayer smoothly since reciting the Rosary takes a bit of time and follows a sequence.  

If you have a specific room to pray in, ask your family members to assemble there once they have their beads. If not, make sure you’ve communicated the prayer location to everyone if you’ll be reciting your prayers elsewhere.

2. Start with the Sign of the Cross & the Apostles Creed

With everyone assembled in your designated place of prayer, start your prayer off by leading them through the sign of the cross. While at it, be sure to say these words “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen,” aloud.

Remember to give everyone a cue so they can say the words aloud as well. Then move on to the Apostle’s creed while pressing gently on the Crucifix on your Rosary. After that is complete, try and make an act of contrition. Note, this may be an optional step but helps to set a mood of prayer.  

3. Guide Your Family through the Mysteries as they Hold Onto their Rosary Beads

With that done, you’ll move to the first bead, just above the Crucifix, and lead your family in saying “Our Father” prayer. 

Next, you’ll say three “Hail Marys,” after which you’ll announce a corresponding mystery of the Rosary. There are 5 mysteries, each corresponding to each day. They include the Joyful Mysteries (Monday and Saturday), the Luminous (Thursday), the Sorrowful (Tuesday and Friday), and the Glorious (Wednesday and Sunday). 

After announcing a mystery, follow it up with Our Father and 10 Hail Marys, of course, while holding onto a corresponding bead on your rosaries. Finish with a Glory be before moving to the next bead.

Finally, hold on to the medal of the Rosary and say the Hail Holy Queen.

Use Your Rosary to Lead Your Family in Prayer Today

If you want to pray the Rosary with your family, try and follow these three steps to pray together. 

It might seem tricky getting everyone to pray in one sitting, but things will get easier with time. The trick is to pray often until it comes to a routine that’s easy for everyone to follow. Be blessed.