The rise of the pandemic, further spread the mutation of the Covid-19 virus and forced many people to stay at home to reduce the further spread of the virus. As more states ordered citizens to stay indoors to reduce the transmission of the virus, breweries and many people in the alcohol business reported an increase in their national sales. This was in comparison to the year before. A higher number of people made online orders and purchases of alcoholic drinks. Some sellers even reported over 200% increase in sales, most of which were online purchases.

But, the World Health Organization was very keen on these happenings and warned consumers against excessive alcohol intake during the pandemic. It was reported that alcohol may potentially worsen health concerns and risk-taking behaviors among users. Let’s take a look at how the pandemic has made an impact on alcohol use and the consequences of alcohol consumption during this period.

The pandemic and alcohol abuse

The pandemic forced people to restrict themselves to isolated areas due to the social distance required. But, social isolation isn’t that good for mental health due to the psychological impact it has. In turn, many people resorted to alcohol misuse, especially adults and alcohol consumption is on the rise.

How the pandemic triggered alcohol abuse

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many negative impacts from lockdowns and jobs which has caused a lot of stress and anxiety to many, especially women. Physical distancing was one of the major ways to combat the virus since physical contact resulted in the spread. However, the distance between loved ones has left many people feeling isolated and lonely and isolated. This has affected the health, economic welfare of countries, businesses, and the political state of global nations.

Stress has been one of the top causes of heavy drinking and it can lead to addiction to alcohol mostly for people who have to take alcohol to cope with stress. With so many expectations, research has shown that compared to men, women were more affected. This has increased stress-related cases leading to an increase in alcohol use during the pandemic. People working from home, especially women have been under greater stress trying to balance between work and childcare responsibilities. For some, this has increased stress levels leading to increased alcohol use. 

But, heavy alcohol intake isn’t good for your health and could lead to severe health complications. If not under control, excessive alcohol consumption can adversely affect all areas of your health from your mental, emotional as well as physical health. Once you notice any signs of alcohol misuse it’s best to ask for help. You can get help for alcohol use during a pandemic from professionals to receive the best diagnosis treatment and help you get over long-term addiction. 

Evidently, the pandemic has led to high alcohol consumption which has been shown to have more harm than good. This has in turn either led to or worsened existing mental health complications and cases such as anxiety and/or depression that have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. To prevent mental retardation and other various physical health complications avoid alcohol abuse or go to a recovery center to get control of your health.