Your dog more than likely brings much joy to your life each day. Yet, pet ownership can make traveling feel a little difficult, especially as you might worry about leaving your pooch behind. As their happiness and wellbeing will be a top priority, you will want to ensure they will be well-cared for before you book a much-deserved vacation. Avoid guilt by checking out these top tips on how to travel when you have a dog.

Take Them with You on Vacation

Have you thought about taking your pet with you on your travels? Many hotels and B&Bs are dog-friendly, which means you will not need to leave your pooch behind on vacation. It will provide both you and your dog with a change of scenery, and it could increase your bond even further. 

Research your desired destination in advance to find the perfect accommodation for your needs. However, if you are traveling overseas with a dog, you will need to read up on the various laws regarding pet travel. For example, your dog must be microchipped and should receive a rabies vaccine at least 30 days before a vacation.

Organize Dependable Pet Boarding

Say goodbye to dog parent guilt by organizing pet boarding. It will provide you with peace of mind that your dog is both safe and happy. For example, when you arrange pet boarding services from Exceptional Pets, you can trust your pet will have fun with other adorable guests during your absence, as well as three 20-minute walks per day and a tasty snack. Also, there are different accommodation options to choose from to ensure your pet is happy during their vacation away from home. Your dog will then be ready and waiting for you when you return from a fun-filled getaway.

Book a Doggy Day Camp

If your dog often stays with a loved one when you go on vacation, a doggy day camp can take some of the pressure off them while you are away. For example, if a friend or relative needs to go to work or can’t commit to daily walks, a doggy day camp will ensure your pet receives the care and exercise they need each day. 

You can lounge on a beach or enjoy a fun hike relaxed in the knowledge that your canine will receive much mental stimulation and physical activity. Your loved one can then pick up your pooch after a busy day to shower them with love and attention.


Owning a dog doesn’t need to stand in the way of a fun-filled vacation. If you need a getaway, there are various options that will allow you to care for your pet’s every need during the break. 

If you are happy to take your dog with you on your travels, look for dog-friendly accommodation at your desired destination. If you can’t take your pooch along with you, consider the different options at home, from pet boarding to doggy day camps. 

The break will not only be good for you, but it can also provide your dog with much mental stimulation and physical activity.