Picture this.

Your backyard is filled with chatter and laughter as you and your friends and family gather for the first summer barbecue of the year. The sun beating down on you as you flip burgers and sear steaks for your guests. The smell of meat cooking fills the air much to your guest’s delight.

If you’re itching to be the best summer cookout host, you need to consider investing in one of the top gas grills on the market. You can easily buy grills online, where there is a good variety to choose from. There are no cutting corners when it comes to high-quality grilling machines. You need the best cooker out there if you want to wow your guests. 

Keep reading to find our tips on how to choose the best gas grill for your needs.

1. Features

There are many features to consider when buying a gas grill. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill grills from the 1970s. Modern options have a wide array of components you can choose from. 

Most people will opt for grills that provide at least two burners. Options with multiple burners allow you to divide the surfaces of your grill into high and low heat zones. Imagine being able to sear a steak and cook burgers at the same time!

Two or more heat zones provide flexibility and make cooking for a crowd much easier. 

Most grills will come with a built-in thermometer. The thermometer allows you to know exactly how hot your grill is so you can cook everything perfectly

2. Built-In or Freestanding

There are two main types of gas grills – built-in or freestanding.

Built-in options are inserted into a BBQ island. They are often found as part of a larger outdoor kitchen. Built-ins are great for folks who do a lot of entertaining and for those who want all their outdoor kitchen equipment to match. 

A freestanding gas grill comes on a moveable cart with storage underneath for fuel tanks and other accessories. This style is more flexible than built-in options as you can easily rearrange your outdoor set-up. Freestanding grills often come with side burners to allow for easier side dish preparation. 

3. Your Grilling Style

Consider what you grill most often and your favorite way to do it. 

If you prefer high-heat cooking and love leaving sear marks on your meat, you may want an all-infrared grill. This style works to maximize the flavor and energy by using a radiating heating cooking system. 

Perhaps you enjoy a lower and slower smoking style of grilling? Many modern gas grills come with an optional charcoal tray accessory so you can use both gas and charcoal in two different fireboxes. 

If you host a lot of gatherings, you will probably want an eye-catching luxury gas grill with all the extravagant features. Look for options with LED-backlit controls or stadium lighting to wow your guests. 

If you’re in the market for some simple and affordable, there are plenty of gas grills without all the frills, too. 

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Make Your Summer Complete With the Best Gas Grill

Now you can make every summer cookout an absolute hit with the best gas grill in your backyard. 

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