Most of us have seen countless changes in our lives since the spread of the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic. Governments around the world have asked people to stay home whenever possible, implementing lockdown periods and encouraging social distancing measures. If your workplace has requested that you work at home for the past year and a half or so, you’re far from alone. Remote working has proven the most effective way to minimise contact between staff members and slow the spread of the virus. While this shift may have felt difficult at first, many of us have settled into home working and are beginning to genuinely enjoy it. There are countless perks to remote work that build comfort and confidence and many of us don’t want to let them go. When you work from home, you don’t have to commute, saving you a whole lot of time and money. You can work in more comfortable clothes rather than standard office wear all day every day. You can make healthier and more enjoyable lunches with access to your kitchen on your lunch break.The list goes on. So, while vaccines are being rolled out and the opportunity to return to work may be on the horizon, many of us intend to stick with our new modes of working. Of course, if you’re going to do this, you’re going to have to get a bit more serious about creating a productive working environment within your own home. Here are some steps that you can take to achieve this!

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Investing In Some Ergonomic Equipment

Many of us have been working from dining tables, coffee tables or even our sofas during this pandemic. If you’re going to work from home permanently, you’re going to need to provide yourself with some furniture and equipment that better supports your body. Posture is extremely important while working and if you slouch or adopt bad habits while working, you can begin to experience health conditions, such as repetitive strain injury. By investing in proper furniture and equipment for your office space, you can avoid this and generally feel more comfortable while you’re working. When browsing options, you should seriously consider ergonomic furniture. This has been specially designed with your wellbeing in mind. You can get all sorts of ergonomic products, ranging from desks to chairs, back supports, footrests, keyboards, mice and more. So, shop around until you find something that perfectly suits your needs.

Managing Lighting

The light in your workspace can greatly impact your productivity levels. Think about it. Our bodies regulate our sleep-wake cycle through circadian rhythms. When we’re exposed to natural daylight, our bodies know that it’s the day and we get more motivated, becoming more productive. As light begins to fade away, we recognise that it’s night and begin to wind down to rest. By maximising natural light in your workspace, you can boost your productivity and find the working day a little easier. Of course, direct light on you can make meetings difficult, as people may not be able to see you through the glare. For this, install shutters blinds for windows so you can manage light in your workspace as and when you need.

Regulating Noise

You can only do so much to regulate noise in your living space. You can ask the people you live with to be as quiet as possible. You can shut doors and you can turn off noisy devices like televisions or washing machines. But if you live in a noisy environment with noisy neighbours, road noise or other issues, you may begin to find that you struggle to concentrate. A good way to combat noise while you’re working is to invest in some noise cancelling headphones. You can use these while you’re working. You can also use them in video meetings, where you can then block out outside noise and isolate the conversation you’re listening to. There are various different models available to meet different budgets, so shop around and you’ll be able to find something ideal!

As you can see, there are a number of things you can do to make working from home a whole lot more comfortable, productive and generally beneficial for yourself. The areas outlined above are just a few options that can help you to achieve this goal. There are other steps you can take, but these should be able to get you started out on the right path!