Work, leisure, and boredom from the current pandemic situation – people have many reasons to pack their bags, leave their homes, and stay in fine accommodation. While hotels are usually preferred for short stays, they can sometimes be an impractical option for extended stays. For a long stay, travelers often prefer a home-like set-up that offers them more amenities and fits their budget. From a room for rent in lisbon to an extended stay hotel in NYC, there is plenty of choice available for your next extended stay.

Whether you are looking where to stay in LA or venturing to a foreign country, there are usually a variety of lodging choices. Below are some of the options available.

Extended stay hotels 

As the name says, extended stay hotels are specially designed for the guests who need to stay for a long period, i.e., for a week or more. Also known as long-term stay hotels, they attract business travelers and families on long vacations. 

Their affordability makes them a more coveted option as compared to traditional hotels. What makes them a hit among travelers is that they offer all the hotel amenities at a discounted rate. 

With amenities like an in-suite kitchen, self-serve laundry, etc., they provide a comfortable dwelling to the guests. Their kitchen comes equipped with a coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, range top, and basic utensils to prepare meals. Furthermore, these hotels offer high-speed internet connection, work desks, ergonomic chairs, and daily room service. 

Just like traditional hotels, the pricing of extended stay hotels depends on the duration of stay and the style of room you have opted for. 

Serviced apartments 

Serviced apartments are like a home away from home. They are well-furnished apartments that can be rented by travelers for a longer stay. 

With all the basic amenities, like a fully-furnished living room and bedroom, well-equipped kitchen, laundry service, housekeeping service, dedicated parking spot, high-speed internet, and more, serviced apartments are generally preferred by business travelers who leave their city for work projects and look for a temporary dwelling. 

Furthermore, the premises offer round-the-clock safety to the guests. 

Short-term vacation rentals 

 Short-term vacation rentals or luxury vacation rentals have become an accommodation of choice for every kind of traveler. Travelers planning a long family vacation, a group of friends yearning for a staycation, or people looking for a private and secure space due to the fear of the ongoing pandemic- short-term vacation rentals fit everyone’s tailored requirements. Moreover, their availability everywhere makes them the most sought-after accommodation option. 

You can rent a short-term vacation rental for a night, a week, or even a month. According to the number of guests and the amenities you want, you can select from apartments, independent houses, cabins, and beach houses. 

Furthermore, vacation rentals give you a local living experience. For instance, if you are traveling for experiences, staying at any of the Austin short-term rentals will give you the taste of the real Texas. 

Long-term rentals 

Long-term vacation rentals are also similar to vacation rentals, except that they have a longer lease length. Long-term rentals, as their name says, are leased for a month, six months, or even a year. 

They are equipped with all the essential amenities and facilities that a guest would require to have a home-like stay experience for an extended period.


Hostels, like the best hostels in Amsterdam, are comfortable and affordable. Often used by solo travelers, backpackers, students, and young professionals, they offer a safe dwelling for an extended period. 

Contrary to the myth that they are meant only for young travelers, hostels welcome guests of every age group. With facilities like communal kitchens and private rooms, they make up for a great accommodation option for every type of traveler. 

The bottom line 

Now that you know the best accommodation options for your extended stay, select the apt one and enjoy a home-like stay without breaking your bank.