With the pandemic still looming over our heads, all our plans of holidaying with friends to beautiful tropical countries or sipping margaritas seem to have been put on a halt. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life! 

You can hold baby showers, brunches and casual luncheons from the comfort of home when you know how to host a virtual party. 

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We’ve had to think of new and inventive ways to communicate with dear ones and keep ourselves occupied. We’ve put together a list of virtual party ideas for you to relish life even during these difficult times. Read on.

Locate A Virtual Address

To begin, you’ll need a virtual meeting location. While there are hundreds of online sites to select from, we’ve reduced it down to the following so you can choose the best choice for your party:


Zoom is an excellent choice for large gatherings. There is a screen mode that allows everyone to be viewed at the same time. Plan appropriately because the free plan has a 40-minute time restriction.

Tip: Try the “Touch Up My Appearance” filter to soften the focus on your video (especially for those spur-of-the-moment dates).

Google Hangouts

If you already have a Gmail account, you can use this app without setting up anything new. Google Hangouts is a free service that you may access directly from your Google account.

House Party 

It is a video chatroom that works well for gaming evenings. Playing trivia and traditional drawing activities is a popular feature of the app. In addition, you can play games like Pictionary and Heads Up with Houseparty’s built-in functionality. So let’s get this party started!

Make A Virtual Invitation

You’ll need to inform everyone about the app (give a link to the meeting) and what to expect. For example, if your party has a theme, mention it in the invitation so that your friends know if they should dress up or it’s an everyday pyjama thing. 

Imagine your friends turning up for a virtual event that’s fancy with their pyjamas! Spare the horror for everyone (if you want to host another party, that is) 

Ideas for a Virtual Party to Get You Started


Everyone loves to binge-watch their favourite shows online. Doing with your friends will allow you to bond better with them. Watch anything from murder mysteries to chick-lit; the options are endless! Major digital content platforms even have a group chat platform to talk your heart out and add more fun to your group binge-watching stint.

Cooking Showdown 

Bring the endless watching of the MasterChef series to good use. 

Invite guests to bring their computers to their kitchen islands or countertops. Host a friendly culinary competition.  You can set a time limit and decide collectively at the end of the cookout who has the best dish or the perfect plating. 

You can then eat your meal together with all your friends and have a gala time. 

PS: No cheating, don’t try to order steak or order donuts online.

Host A Virtual Board Games Night 

You don’t have to be kids to enjoy board games or any game.

If you all want to have some fun, you can go the game’s way. Scrabble, Ludo, and Monopoly are among games that you could enjoy. In addition, you may find websites that provide access to various multiplayer board games you can play online with your friends.

For a more exciting experience, try internet games like FIFA or Grand Theft Auto.


Are you a Beyonce or Ed Sheeran fan? Oh, just a bathroom singer? 

Whatever the case, singing with friends is one of the most fun things you can do.

Thanks to the digital age, karaoke fans may sing and perform with their friends and family whenever they want. Host a virtual karaoke party using YouTube or a website specialized for online karaoke.


Yes, virtual events can never replace spending time with your friends in person. However, it can be helpful during these pandemic times to stay in touch with your friends, and it takes minutes to set up a virtual event! 

So stop thinking and start planning now. 

How did you like our ideas of virtual celebrations with your friends, do let us know in the comments.