Summer is a time for fun, sun, and feeling confident in our own skin. However, with lockdown over the last year and a standstill coming to many of our lives, a lot of us aren’t quite feeling as pepped up as usual for the sunny season. 

But don’t fret; we want to help you make the most of the hot girl summer this year, and with these simple beauty tips and tricks you can look and feel much more confident this season. 

Try an at-home blow out 

The first thing you can try to up your beauty game this summer is a blow-out at home. All you will need for this is either a paddle or a barrel brush, depeding on whether you want straight or curly ends, a hairdryer WITH the diffuser, and some hair serum. 

For a straight blow-out, start off with 80% dry hair. Apply serum to your ends and brush out your hair to get rid of knots. Using a paddle brush, start brushing down as you hold your hairdryer with the diffuser in a downard motion along the hair. Push down on the hair and this will apply heat and smooth it out. 

For a curly blow-out, prep your hair the same way, and this time using a barrel brush start at the top of your hair and wrap hair around the brush away from your face, placing the diffuser against the brush as you start to brush the hair. This might take a few tries, but it is simpler than you think! 

Get a belly piercing 

One way to show off your confidence during the summer months and rock those crop tops is to invest in a couple of belly bars for the summer. Belly bars are a fun accessory and they can really help to vamp up your style as well as make you look and feel more confident. 

Wear a smokey eye 

Smokey eye makeup is always a winner, and for an extra dose of confidence and sass this summer you should try out a fun smokey eye look. For the perfect smokey eye, you need to start off with a light neutral as a base, then start to build darker and darker shades, working with a smalle rarea of your eye each time. This can take a little time to achieve but it can make your eyes look alluring and stunning. 

Go for flowing styles

One simple way for you to feel more confident this week is to wear more flowing styles that don’t restrict you. We all have our body hang ups and issues, and it is important to feel comfortable and confident every day. By wearing a more flowing style you will be able to feel comfortable as well as emanate that fresh summer vibe for the season. 

Try a few of these different ideas this week to help you feel more confident and beautiful for the summer. Remember, be yourself and act confident, and no one will question you.