Digital life can sometimes be quite demanding. While applications are improving all the time, users still need to have some patience and expertise to do everything that they want to do. 

That state of affairs, however, is now changing thanks to a plethora of apps and helpful tools on the market. These clever little pieces of software allow you to get things done faster and more efficiently than you ever dreamed possible. 

Cloud Productivity

Cloud productivity applications, such as Google Docs, are totally transforming how people work with each other. In the past, you had to swap files on floppy disks. Now, thanks to the cloud, multiple editors can change a single document at the same time. 

Each account gets quite an impressive amount of space. Google gives you about 15 GB which is likely more than enough for all your documents and spreadsheets, even if you’re using images. 

Code Generators

QR code APIs are pieces of software that allow you to generate QR codes for yourself, your business or anyone who needs them. In other words, you don’t need to get an agency to come up with codes for you. You can generate them yourself. 

Video Call Apps

Where would we be without Zoom and Skype? These two apps have kept the economy ticking over the last 15 months and will probably continue to do so in the future. 

Remote Support

Imagine if you were able to view the status of all the people in your team in real-time. Well, thanks to apps like TeamViewer, it’s now a reality. You can see where people are at, whether they’re stuck on their projects, and what they need to do next. You can also share information with other team members – something that can reduce the need to send emails to ask for status updates. 


Unsplash – CC0 License

You might have seen the acronym IFTTT on your travels around the internet. It’s short for “if this, then that” and refers to a technique people use to code. 

It turns out that there is also a service that goes by the same name: IFTTT. It’s a tool which allows you to program your devices to do things if other things happen. It separates things into triggers and actions. Triggers could be things like receiving a notification or getting an email. An action could be receiving a text message or opening an application. 

The great thing about IFTTT is that it is so versatile. Once you understand how it works, you can use it to do pretty much anything you want. So, for example, you can get the app to send you a text message if the weather is going to be bad. 

List Apps

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Do you wish you could create better lists? If so, then you’ll like apps like Wunderlist that make it easy. 

These apps keep track of all your list items in digital form. They also find intelligent ways to parameterize them, allowing you to add subtasks, notes, due dates and reminders. You can also use these apps to share to-do lists with team members.