Sometimes, life happens in a different order than planned, maybe you have children before getting married or it comes unexpectedly while you are engaged. Having a child at your wedding is actually much more common than you’d think. If you have children and you are planning a wedding, follow along for ways to make it work and still enjoy the day with your soon-to-be husband and wife.

Include Your Child In The Wedding 

Ensuring that your kid is aware that you are going to have a wedding and they need to be on their best behavior is best. Keep children in mind as you plan the wedding reception. It is a great idea to include kid-friendly food and drinks. Additionally, items for entertainment like a coloring book or their favorite hand-held game. With children in mind, plan out the flow of your wedding. Kids tend to get tired and overwhelmed sooner than adults. You know the most about your child’s routine, and when they typically get tired. You may want to look into hiring someone to watch over the children so you can enjoy your big day and relax. Remember that this is your time to shine and you don’t want the looming thought of having to babysit a child. 

Hire a Babysitter 

If you would rather not include your toddler in the wedding or you have a small baby, consider hiring a babysitter. You could arrange for a meeting beforehand, so your child is comfortable with the sitter before they stay with them for the day. Whatever the case may be, it is best that you have the arrangements figured out beforehand so you don’t have to worry later. 

Hire A Trustworthy Wedding Planner

With a child taking up a lot of your time, you should hire an experienced wedding planner to help you with all the arrangements. Time spent perfecting the venue and decor is limited; therefore, designating tasks to the wedding planner and their team can be extremely valuable to you. 

The best part is, wedding planners already have connections made with different vendors to give you everything you desire for your wedding day. 

Pick A Kid-Friendly Venue 

If you are getting married in a very popular city like New York or LA there are plenty of kid-friendly wedding venues. You can look up New York wedding venues to find one that fits your needs including view, outdoors or indoors, and location.

Couple’s Time Prior To The Wedding 

Having children can be a lot of work, and often it is easy to put your relationship needs on the back-burner. However, this is an exciting time in your life– for both you and your partner. When your child is asleep, or maybe at school, try to set aside 30 minutes a day for couples time. You can decide whether you’d like to add more time to discuss wedding planning. But, to keep the relationship strong, you should invest quality time each day. Connecting with your soon-to-be spouse will guarantee a happy wedding and smooth sailing in the future. You’re going to need an engagement ring then you can start planning bit by bit the wedding.

Financial Planning For A Wedding 

Because you have to financially support a family, this may leave you with less room for spending on a wedding. Did your husband spend a lot of money looking for engagement rings or does your child attend private school? Before you make any decisions, create a realistic budget for your wedding.

If You’d Like To Give Your Little One A Role 

Perhaps your daughter will be the flower girl or your son will be the ring-bearer. Either way, set aside some time to help them understand their big role! Get them excited for this and make them feel important. Take some time to practice with your child so they don’t get confused when the time comes. Most importantly, don’t be upset if they mess up on your wedding day– as I’m sure it will bring laughter to all your wedding guests 

Have Fun

This is your wedding day, so have fun and try not to worry about your children too much while you have your wedding. You will want to remember this day for a very long time to come, the memories will be endless!