Reclaiming your body after giving birth to your precious little one could be a challenge. It’s understandable how you wish you could transform your body fast, so you could fit right into your old skinny jeans and spandex clothing. But it’s possible to be slim again as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight gradually. 

Getting back in shape can be done through a variety of things. However, giving yourself a break is significant since you just gave birth to your baby. So cut yourself some slack and be proud of your life achievement. The key is not to focus on being your old self, but to create a healthy, happy, and slightly different you. 

Journey To A Fitter You

You must consume enough calories and other nutrients to begin your postpartum weight loss plan. Also, consider your age, metabolism, and body mass index. The following tips mentioned below can help you be fit again:

1. It’s Okay To Take Time 

Being a mother is an achievement, and no one can ever oppose that. Recovery requires time, so you must be aware it can take longer for you to lose weight after giving birth. If you want to slim down, you can do it right after you finish your postpartum checkup, which will be held after one and a half months. You can also make drastic calorie reductions only after your milk supply has normalized and your baby is at least two months old. 

To start slow, consider these action steps:

  • It’s best to lose an average of a pound and a half per week and not more. Wait until your health care professional has cleared you already to exercise regularly, eat healthier foods, and add exercise to your daily routine. 
  • Mothers exclusively breastfeeding need around 500 additional calories daily. Healthy foods such as eggs, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins are a great way to meet your daily caloric requirements.
  • Ensure you do not fall below the minimum calorie requirement as it won’t be healthy for you as a hectic mom.
  • If you choose to go with supplements to help you in your weight loss journey, do your research, from the benefits of a postpartum multivitamin to checking out Nucific reviews.

2. Find Time To Exercise 

Exercise is beneficial for your body, but check out additional info as to when you can safely exercise after having a baby. No matter what your situation may be, exercising is always the best beneficial solution to maintain a good physique. Taking your stroller out or using your baby carrier is a simple way to exercise with your baby. 

Before you begin exercising again, be sure to check with your practitioner and never work out so hard. You’ve lacked sleep lately, so your energy levels are pretty limited.

Whether it’s running, riding bicycles, Pilates, swimming, yoga, dancing, or walking, schedule an activity you enjoy. It’s also a great way to meet other moms on the same mission for weight loss after delivery.

3. Be Mindful Of Your Diet And Eating Habits 

Your eating habits may have changed while you’re pregnant to support your baby’s health and development, and this is entirely normal. However, breastfeeding mothers should still make sure they have a proper diet even after pregnancy. Choosing the right foods can help women lose weight after giving birth. Thus, try to apply these quick tips:

  • Take in more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plant foods 
  • Diversify your protein sources by choosing lean proteins 
  • Try to avoid eating sweets and salty food
  • Make portion control a priority 

4. Try Breastfeeding 

Dieting and exercising to lose weight postpartum don’t differ much from those employed to lose weight in other stages of life. However, one advantage mothers have over others is they can use breastfeeding to lose their excess weight.

Regarding whether breastfeeding contributes to weight loss, several factors are involved, including the duration and intensity of the breastfeeding journey of a mom. A woman’s ability to lose weight will be enhanced the more she breastfeeds. 

5. Avoid Drinking Alcohol 

Some studies have suggested consuming small amounts of alcohol has some health benefits, but it doesn’t provide much nutrition in terms of weight loss. 

In addition to this, alcohol may increase weight gain and cause an increase in belly fat around the organs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a breastfeeding mother shouldn’t drink alcohol at all if she’s breastfeeding her infant.


The tips above are constructive for you to lose the weight you may have gained during pregnancy. But it’s important to note your doctor will still be the one who can suggest weight loss plans to you. In addition, a dietitian can formulate a plan of healthy eating that’ll allow you to lose weight after you give birth.