Space-saving is important even if you have a massive, sprawling home that has too many rooms for you to know what to do with. Why? Because at the end of the day, clutter is still clutter, and everything looks better when it has a place. Storage and design amplify a home and make it easier and simpler to live in. It would be one of the essentials to making a home your own, especially if the square footage was limited, to begin with. 

Thankfully space-saving and beauty go hand-in-hand, so use this guide to help you get the most out of your home. 

  1. Use Custom Storage Solutions 

If you have a nook, then you have a place to put shelves and hooks. You can either keep these open, or you can put cupboards over them to offer seamless, hidden storage in your home. They can be built by yourself, but for the more tricky jobs (like adding an entire wall of storage, or designing a custom storage/entertainment unit, rely on the professionals. Making storage disappear seamlessly is no easy task, but done right, it can open up your home and give you a lot in terms of storage space. 

  1. Use Barn Doors 

Open-plan spaces are great, but there are many instances when you cannot get rid of a good old door. So instead of having doors that swing open and take up space unless they are closed, consider investing in stunning barn doors near me. These barn doors can elevate the design, can act like works of art on their own, and, best of all, are always out of the way as they hug the wall or seal the doorway. You can add style and a unique touch to your home with a barn door installation.

  1. Think Vertically 

Your walls aren’t just there to hold some art. Think in terms of shelves and bookcases, and you will have great new ways to display and store items that draw the eye up and allow you to frame the design elements you have chosen for your home. 

  1. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture 

There are many great furniture items that can be transformed to add purpose to your design. For example, couches that pull out into a spare bed, tables and footrests that open up for additional storage, shelves that can become dining tables – and the list goes on. By choosing multi-purpose furniture, you can use less for more. 

  1. Invest in Off-Site Storage 

Those who live in apartments and small homes at the end of the day only have so much space. If you have large sports equipment, or other seasonal items that are only used for a short portion of the year, then you will find it very useful to rent a storage unit away from home. Though these come with a cost, they will be much cheaper than trying to buy a larger home for yourself. They are safe, temperature-controlled, and can be accessed 24/7, allowing you to store seasonal items and sports gear without overloading your home.