Sometimes our children need more than memorizing addition and subtraction facts, learning multiplication tables, and basic arithmetic that seems to last forever.

Is your child bored with their typical math curriculum? Is it not challenging them fully? Is it not teaching them as many problem-solving skills and fundamentals to prepare them for higher mathematics such as pre-Algebra and Algebra as they would like? 

Enhance their minds and enroll them in a Singapore Math course. Singapore Math has been recognized worldwide as the leading math curriculum and the most advanced and comprehensive program for elementary aged students. 

Here’s why:

Mental Math

In Singapore Math you don’t start with memorizing addition and subtraction facts or multiplication factors. Instead, the students first learn an intuitive number sense and then build up the ability to solve problems in their head through different strategies and methods. 

Not only does Singapore Math exercise their brain, but it also improves the time it takes to solve a problem. Think of it as muscle memory of the brain. Training the brain to be able to figure out a math problem quickly in your head using mathematical logic and a deep number sense rather than memorizing answers without understanding them. 

Everyone does mental math in their head every day. But if you took that and enhanced it and were able to do larger math problems in your head, that would be extremely beneficial. Take what your child already knows and enhance their brains and math skills with the practices of Singapore Math. Build on their knowledge and take it to the next level. 

Adapted For All Learning Styles

When you arе young, teachers will often tell you not to count or do math on your fingers. This is the opposite of Singapore Math in its simplest form. Visualizing your math will result in easier learning and a deeper understanding of math concepts. 

Singapore Math takes this visual and tactile learning and steps it up a notch. Starting with blocks, apples, any tangible object, and applying math concepts to something the student can touch and physically move around. This is called their concrete stage.

Then moving to a little more complicated diagrams, charts, and bar graphs. Learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in their pictorial methods. Students will learn to draw their own visual forms to solve math problems. Their abstract stage is the numbers and symbols area, where you use the concrete and pictorial methods you have previously learned to help you solve your current problem. 

Each stage is important to build upon to better learn and be able to master the next stage. And after grade 5, your child will be better prepared for the higher levels of math such as pre-Algebra and Algebra. With a solid Singapore Math foundation, they will be ready for preCalculus and Calculus in high school.  No matter your child’s style of learning, Singapore Math will improve their math skills with its detailed explanations, critical thinking skills, and developed cognitive abilities. 

Better Overall Understanding

Since every stage builds upon the last, your child won’t forget what happened previously because they will use it every day in their curriculum. The foundational learning that the student gets out of Singapore Math is seen in Singapore’s extremely high math scores. Students from Singapore, where the Singapore Math curriculum was first developed, repeatedly score number one in the world math assessment tests. 

Students are not taught to take tests, they are taught to solve problems. The overall mindset isn’t to be the best, it is to build upon and continue learning and improving. 

You and your child will be amazed by the elevated understanding of math concepts. Even if your advanced or gifted child excelled at math before enrolling in a Singapore Math class, they will learn different strategies to solve problems quicker and more efficiently. 

Singapore Math vs Common Core

It is reported that Common Core standards were inspired by Singapore Math. American students were underperforming in comparison to their global peers in mathematics before Common Core was adopted. More private schools and homeschoolers had started adapting Singapore Math long before Common Core was implemented. 

Ten frames, bar models, mental math, visualization —  all things some of us American adults find intimidating. While the way we learned years ago was more straightforward and to us more simple, we didn’t learn the concepts and theories of foundational math that we could have used in the higher grade math classes.

If your child is learning Common Core and tries Singapore Math you can expect several things. In the early grades like K-1, your child will recognize ten frames, number bonds, bar models from Common Core in Singapore Math. However, your child will soon see that Singapore Math is more advanced than Common Core. By 4th grade Singapore Math is almost a year more advanced than Common Core. Meaning a 4th grade Singapore Math student is more advanced than a  5th grade Common Core student. That gap keeps widening with each year. By 6th grade Singapore Math students are ready for pre-Algebra while most Common Core students would not be ready for pre-Algebra before high school. A third difference, is that Singapore Math students focus significantly more on world problems which are real-word scenarios and multi-step style which develop pre-Algebraic thinking skills.

Students in Singapore and students who are enrolled in Singapore Math classes consistently outperform others in tests and most other academics. Provide your child with problem-solving skills that will extend to other areas of their schooling. 

Turn To Monster Education

We know the Singapore Math curriculum is complicated for an adult to learn and to teach. When taught early in their education, Singapore Math can elevate students’ math knowledge and cultivate a better mathematical understanding in significant ways. 

Let the accredited and experienced Singapore Math teachers at Monster Education can help. We have a Singapore Math class for each grade K-5, incredible teachers, and personal attention guaranteed. Monster Education is here to enhance your child’s math critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Let us take something off your plate.