When you are traveling, there are several different options for staying the night in a new area. There are traditional hotels, motels, B&Bs, and the opportunity to trade homes with a local resident. Another choice could be a hostel. 

A hostel is a shared accommodation that will help extend your travel budget as well as introduce you to new people. For more information, visit sanetraveller. 

Here are 7 tips for a comfortable stay in a hostel:

1. Don’t Be Shy

The nature of staying in a hostel is to be part of a community. This means talking with the other guests and getting to know them. Whether you are staying alone or with a group of friends, it is customary to make friends with others. You never know who you will meet and you just may make a new lifelong friend.  

2. Bring Your Own Comforts

Whether you are allergic to certain laundry soaps or simply like the smell of your regular brand, you can pack and use your own bedding. This will ensure you have a better night’s sleep in a place far from home. You will also want to pack your own towels and bathroom necessities for your comfort. 

3. Be Adventurous

Don’t be afraid to accept an invitation to do something fun with the other guests. This could be anything from a hike to a night on the town. Part of the allure of staying in a hostel is to make new friends and have different adventures. Try new things, new foods, and get out of your own way and have fun. 

4. Be Courteous

Remember, everyone is in a new place, so be kind. Be willing to talk to someone new about whatever they want to talk about. More than likely, they simply need someone to listen, and they will almost always reciprocate the favor by listening to you. 

5. Be Willing to Work

Some of the hostels require you to work as part of the bargain price of staying. This could be anything from preparing meals or working in the garden. The idea is to save money as well as being part of a community. The work is often not that hard and can be one of your strengths. 

6. Sharing

You are going to be sharing a bathroom, kitchen, living space, and often a bedroom. The bathroom will be private when you are using it, but you will be sharing it with others throughout your stay. You will need to be comfortable around others in order to be relaxed and have a good time at a hostel. Bring a bathrobe, water shoes or sandals, and sweatpants for sleeping and lounging. 

7. Stay Safe

Hostels are a friendly, clean place to stay while saving your traveling dollars for other things. However, you will need to stay safe. If something doesn’t feel right, if someone is making you uncomfortable, tell a staff member. There is no shame in protecting yourself, especially when it comes to traveling. Be friendly, but cautious, and always be aware of your surroundings. It may be tempting to drink more, but less is always safer.