Many whale watchers rightfully expect that their whale watching trip will yield a variety of marine wildlife sights and sounds. Whales and other marine life tend to migrate on a seasonal basis, so the sightings that are likeliest on a given trip depend on the season and even the particular day of an outing. Fortunately, the public and private whale watching San Diego has to offer is some of the best in the world for year-round sightings. Here is what to expect for spring:

1. Great Weather

San Diego is famous for hosting some of North America’s most reliably fantastic weather. Temperatures in the high 60s are a virtual guarantee by midday. In spring, rain is forecasted only a few days per month, so check your forecast, but don’t worry about inclement weather ruining your entire trip. Since whale sightings are most common in the morning before daily high temperatures, bringing a sweatshirt or windbreaker should keep you comfortable for the duration of a tour.

2. Busy Booking

During warmer seasons, tour companies can be booked well ahead of time. Take this into account when you schedule your trip. If you live far away, consider booking before you purchase your flight.

3. Whales

For several whale species, spring is a transitional time. If you book your tour in March, you are likely to encounter majestic gray whales and learn plenty of gray whales facts as they begin their migration out of the Southern California region. In may, blue whales enter the picture, making early spring one of the most popular times for whale watching. Blue whales are the largest animal to have ever lived and are a sight to behold. In San Diego, humpback whales are visible all year. Because of their unique appearance and behaviors, humpbacks are a frequent favorite for kids and families, so there’s no need to worry about exact timing for a memorable trip.

4. Sea Birds and Seals

Seagulls, pelicans, and terns are ubiquitous off San Diego’s shores. While they don’t posess the imposing size of whales, seabirds are fascinating in their own right. Seals and sea lions are also easily sighted as they bask on rocky outcroppings or piers. These large marine mammals are highly intelligent creatures that live complex and interesting social lives. 

5. Dolphins

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, and can be spotted travelling in large social groups at the surface of the water. Dolphins are one of few mammals to exhibit frequent play behavior well into adulthood. You can often spot them spinning or flipping above the surface of the water on a tour. 

When whale watching, there are no guarantees that you will encounter a particular species. Given the abundance of wildlife in the San Diego area, however, it is a virtual guarantee that you will see plenty of enthralling sights when you book a tour. For an idea of what to expect at any time of the year, look at a San Diego whale watching report of previous years.