When it comes to clothing and accessories it is easy to follow the fashion or slip into wearing the same things. It’s important to feel comfortable with your appearance, but how can you embrace your individuality and create a unique style that will differentiate you from others? 

Examine your wardrobe 

Firstly, look at the contents of your existing wardrobe and decide what motivated you to buy certain items of clothing. You may have fallen into the habit of buying similar clothes for comfort, or you may discover you no longer wear certain items. If you haven’t worn something for many years, ditch it or recycle until your wardrobe only contains your current attire. You can then examine what clothes make you happy when you wear them. Don’t adopt a new style if it doesn’t feel comfortable. Clothing should energize you and make you feel confident and sexy. 

You could try creating a scrapbook of styles that you like from magazines or online retailers to give you some inspiration. Make a list of everything that reflects your personality and decide how you can incorporate it in your choices of colors and design. You may not have to replace all your clothes; just change the way you wear them or what you add to them. Creating a signature style will make your appearance more powerful and show you are comfortable with who you are. 


Using accessories in the right way can transform a plain outfit into one that is distinctive. If you have a little black dress, try adding a colorful scarf that represents your energy. You can brighten up your face by using makeup that compliments your natural features. If you wear glasses, they need not be boring and a replica of a million other glasses, you could try searching eyewear near me into google to find boutique retailers that specialize in unconventional eyewear that is exclusive and affordable. To add more style in your overall look, you can use tote bags with print designs for your essentials when going out. 

Shop around 

Clothing doesn’t have to be brand new, and it’s useful to search platforms such as eBay or local selling sites for clothes to update your existing wardrobe or replace boring and unworn items. The great thing about eBay is you can create a specific search based on your tastes. 

Don’t be afraid to choose items that may otherwise be considered loud or garish. Creating a unique style is a way to express yourself. Originality set you apart from others ad if you love it wear it! 

Creating something ascetically unique has its challenges, but if you are determined not to allow yourself to be influenced by the fluctuating tides of fashion you will be stepping out of your house each day with confidence and style. 

It may be that you need to expand your shopping bubble. It’s easy to slip into a pattern of buying clothes from the same place but there are so many choices of fashion and you should step out of your comfort zone and identify new and unusual styles that resonate with your personality. You can even search through charity shops for a mixture of old and new.