A good diet is an essential ally to strengthen the immune system of your dog or cat. In addition to meeting their basic nutritional requirements, diet can play a fundamental role in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. For your pet’s diet to fulfill this function, to begin with, it has to be of quality, specific to him, and appropriate to the stage of his life in which he is (puppy, junior, adult, or senior). You should also consider providing your pet with daily dog supplements for additional support to its health. In addition, there are diets adapted to other even more specific situations, such as pregnancy or periods of convalescence, for example. There are times when your pet may need extra help to maintain or regain its optimal health.

The Foods

Foods that help activate your dog or cat’s immune system and its proper functioning, such as those in the advanced range, are made with specific ingredients, antioxidants, and immunomodulators. These components are the immunoglobulins and polyphenols, which help your pet stay healthy and strong. You should consider the best food for your cat or for your dog, according to its age and size and, in the case of a feline, whether it is sterilized or not. 

Vaccination is Another Essential Ally

Vaccination is also essential to strengthen the immune system of your dog or cat. This is so not only when it is a puppy or kitten, but also as an adult. The vet knows what vaccines your pet needs at all times in his life, so you should follow his recommendations as strictly as possible. Although you may have remembered that you already vaccinated your pet against a certain disease at a certain time in the past, it is just as important that you follow the revaccination guidelines, since the defenses that vaccines help to generate last only a time and, after that period, it needs to be revaccinated to re-create them.

The Importance of Avoiding Stress 

The stress, along with a poor diet or infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses, is a factor that can jeopardize the health of your beloved pet, as it may have a suppressive effect on the defenses of the animal and even cause certain diseases and problems. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the immune system of your dog or cat, it is important that you try to avoid situations that may cause this state of mind, especially those that last over time.  

To avoid stress, in addition to meeting your pet’s basic needs, it is recommended that you include certain healthy habits in your daily routine. For this purpose, you must provide these 3 things:

  1. Physical activity
  2. Mental stimulation
  3. An enriched environment


Remember that prevention is essential to avoid, as much as possible, that your pet suffers from diseases and, in general, to minimize their health problems. Thus, to enhance their good physical condition and for their well-being, it is recommended that you follow the guidelines that we have just discussed to strengthen the immune system of your dog or cat.