It’s hard to find anything that compares to the cozy feeling of being wrapped up in a warm blanket. Whether it’s a cold day outside or simply time to wind down and watch some end of the night television, turning a cozy blanket into a personal cocoon of comfort is hard to beat. At least that was the case until discovering the idea to DIY the perfect blanket to fit every aspect of your personal preference. 

In other words, only you can truly create your perfect blanket! 

The Knitting Essentials 

As with any DIY project, the first step is to gather the necessary materials and tools that you will need. In general, when it comes to knitting the basic essentials that will be needed for any project include: 

When it comes to picking what color of yarn to use, this is where the personal touch can really shine because the color choice, or choices, are completely up to you. In other words, say so long to settling on a blanket that has “mostly” colors that you love. There are also other tools, not necessarily essential, to consider for some extra support during the course of your perfect DIY blanket knitting project, such as: 

  • Crochet hook (to help with picking up dropped stitches)
  • Measuring tape (to make sure perfect sizing) 

Best of all, there is no need to leave home in search of craft store because all your knitting needs can be found and purchased online. One thing is for sure, when it comes to necessary essentials for knitting there’s no denying that this is a budget friendly choice for a hobby!

The Secret to Making the Perfect Knit Blanket

Chances are the suspense is building over what exactly the secret is for the perfect DIY knit blanket. Without further ado, the secret to making the perfect knit blanket is Bernat yarn. That’s right, Bernat yarn is the incredibly soft and super thick yarn that will no doubt bring your perfect blanket to life. 

Of course, Bernat yarn comes in a variety of weights, but nothing compares to using a big and bulky choice of Bernat yarn to create the coziest blanket imaginable. If you’re planning to shop for high-quality yarn, you can choose from the selection available on Mary Maxim.

The Process for Knitting the Perfect Blanket 

To get started on actually making your perfect go-to blanket you’ll need to brush up on or pick up some knitting skills. The good news is that making a blanket is one of the easiest knitting patterns to learn. Get the project rolling by having some fun exploring the different types of knitting techniques until you find what the perfect pattern to use for your blanket will be, such as: 

  • Knit stitch 
  • Garter stitch 
  • Rib stitch
  • Stockinette stitch 

For anyone looking to use the secret to the perfect DIY knit blanket, there are popular Bernat patterns that are definitely worth considering. After finding the best stitch for your project, all that’s left to do is start knitting your perfect cozy blanket!