As you become older, your life is slowly changing. You’re not so active anymore, you don’t look as young as before, and you might be less interested in trying new things. However, all that can lead to getting bored with your life, and that’s not okay. Trust us: life doesn’t end when you hit 40 – it’s just beginning. And there are many ways to have fun.

Hobbies can be an excellent help. They allow you to escape the daily routine, bond with other people and relax. If you don’t have a hobby yet or want to try something new, check the list below. Here, you’ll find the best hobbies to take up in your 40s, from hiking to pottery. Read on, and stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically.

Become a photographer

If you love taking pictures, this is the perfect hobby for you. It will force you to think more about composition and light, and it’s a great way to show your friends and family your memories. Sure, you need a camera, but it doesn’t have to be expensive – any model will do. Also, there are tons of online courses that can help you become better at this hobby. This hobby can also motivate you to get out of your house more often.

Go hiking

Hiking is not easy – especially if you’re older – but it’s worth it. You can bond with nature and see things that most people don’t see every day. You can also lower your blood pressure by starting this hobby, as well as getting in better shape. If you are struggling with menopause and weight gain, this hobby might be perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and go hiking!

Try writing 

Writing is one of the best hobbies for people over 40. It can be either creative or something less artistic. The only thing is that you need to really like writing – it won’t be easy if you don’t! Even if you’re not a great writer, you can still make this hobby work for you. You can write a blog about something you love, or start writing and sending short stories to magazines! If you want to write just for yourself, consider starting a diary. The writing process can help you organize your thoughts and help you understand yourself better.

Get a pet

A great way to escape the daily routine and relax is by spending time with your pets. They will never judge you no matter what you do, and they will always be there waiting for you. Plus, they love cuddling and playing, so the whole experience is more than worth it. 

Take a pottery class

If you love art and you have always wanted to try something new, pottery may be the right choice for you. You just need some basic supplies and tools, as well as a place to work in peace. This is a rewarding hobby to take if you’re older – who knows; maybe someday you’ll even open your own pottery shop! However, make sure that you have enough money saved up before trying this hobby – it can get pretty expensive.

Start knitting

Knitting is a fantastic hobby for many reasons: it’s easy to learn, it’s cheap, and it’s a great way to spend time while watching TV or reading a book. The best part? You can make blankets for yourself or other people as gifts! This is also a great hobby for those who like being creative and crafting things – what could be better than creating something new with your hands?

Try sculpting

If you love being creative and making things with your hands, sculpting is the right hobby for you. Sure, it’s not cheap – all the necessary materials can be quite expensive – but once you get the hang of it, making sculptures will be a lot of fun! You can do this both indoors and outdoors since most sculptures are made with clay and metal. 

Read more books

Reading books should be on everyone’s list of hobbies because it helps you become a better person in so many different ways. Books improve your vocabulary, and they allow you to see life from a different perspective. They also teach you valuable lessons that will stay with you forever and help you become an overall better person! 

So grab a book and relax – there’s nothing better than reading a good book after a tough day at work or home! Also, consider getting into a book club so that you can meet new people and exchange ideas.

Get into martial arts

This is a fun way to get into shape while improving self-defence skills. Martial arts are great for anyone looking to get in shape and stay safe – it’s a win-win situation! You can join a martial arts club or just learn with YouTube on your own. Either way, this is one of the best hobbies to take up in your 40s.

Plant a garden

If you love growing plants and flowers, gardening may be the right hobby for you. This is a perfect way to spend some time outdoors while relaxing. You can plant a garden both inside and outside of your house, so there’s no excuse not to try this hobby out! 

The bottom line 

If you have some time on your hands, consider finding a new hobby. If you have already tried things from our list, you might also want to go beyond and try snorkeling, volunteering, running a marathon, or starting a podcast. You can do so many incredible things with your life, so don’t look for excuses – shake up your life by discovering a new passion.